Injuries happen.  But pain shouldn’t be a part of your everyday life.  If you are dealing with an acute injury or one that’s been hanging around for months, we’ve got a service that can help.

MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic is a full service, inter-disciplinary injury rehabilitation and prevention clinic. Our team of health-care practitioners promote good physical and mental wellness by delivering exceptional care. So let’s get you back up and moving with less pain.


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Some of the most common injuries or conditions that practitioners at MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic can help with include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Knee pain or injuries
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Posture issues
  • Sciatica nerve pain
  • Shin splints
  • Sports injuries

Reopening measures

The MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic is currently open for regular physiotherapy and chiropractic appointments. 

While the province has launched Phase 2 of the Alberta COVID-19 Relaunch Strategy, because we are part of a university, there are more government restrictions and guidelines that we need to follow. Like you, we are eager to resume massage therapy, acupuncture, and athletic therapy appointments. We are committed to safely reopening our services to full capacity and will provide an update as soon as additional services are available for booking.

The clinic is following the Pandemic Practice Directive of the Alberta College & Association of Chiropractors to ensure that all protective measures are in place to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19. 

Going forward all patients requesting an in-person appointment will be asked to self-screen using the questions below, which are provided in your appointment email, and again when arriving for your appointment.  Please refer to the screening questions below as well as the new clinic measures we’ve implemented to ensure your safety.


For in-person appointments, patients will be required to complete the following steps:

  • Enter through the West Gate by pressing the intercom button and letting Security know that you have an appointment at MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic
  • Wear a mask
  • Sanitize your hands

The following measures have been put in place to ensure your safety:

Physical Barriers: 

  • A plexiglass barrier at reception 
  • Reduced # of appointments in the clinic
  • Revised practitioner schedule that reduces overlap of patients in the clinic.
  • Increased distance between treatment beds
  • Disposable pillow cases on treatment beds
  • The option for a Tele-Health rather than in-person visit with your practitioner

Effective use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Our practitioners will be wearing surgical/procedural masks and gloves when treating patients
  • Patients will be required to re-sanitize their hands before heading back to their appointment and will be required to wear their masks throughout the appointment unless it causes a hazard during treatment

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection Practices 

  • Routine cleaning and disinfecting of common areas and treatment beds
  • Use of Health Canada approved cleaning and disinfecting agents

Payment Processing Procedure

  • We will not be taking cash as a payment method during this period
  • We recommend the use of the TAP option for credit card or Interac payments 

1. Any patient or staff member who has met either of the two conditions below is asked to refrain from entering the clinic.

1.1 Anyone who has had any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days, which are either new or have worsened in association with allergies, chronic or pre-existing conditions:

  • fever
  • cough 
  • shortness of breath
  • difficulty breathing 
  • sore throat 
  • runny nose

1.2 Anyone who has returned to Canada from outside the country (including the USA) in the past 14 days.


2. Any patient or staff member who meets any of the following criteria, in the past 14 days, at work or elsewhere, while not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, will be asked to refrain from entering the clinic.

2.1 Having had close contact with someone who has a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.

2.2 Having had close contact with a person who has an acute respiratory illness that started within 14 days of close contact with someone with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.

2.3 Having had close contact with a person who has an acute respiratory illness and returned from travel outside of Canada in the 14 days before they became ill.

2.4 Having had laboratory exposure to biological material (i.e. primary clinical specimens, virus culture isolates) known to contain COVID-19



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Primarily for pain and inflammation reduction. Tackle pain and trigger points through muscle release and stimulating your body’s natural healing process.

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Athletic Therapy

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Chiropractic Care

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Custom-built Orthotics

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Massage Therapy

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Sports Medicine Physician

For specialized sports injury diagnosis and assessment. By referral only.

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