MRU Clinic's dynamic duo

They bonded over biomechanics. And a shared passion for physical therapy. Barb Taxbock and Lee MacKenzie fell in love with their profession first and then each other. Now they’re married with two children and work side-by-side at MRU’s Injury & Prevention Clinic as a physiotherapy-pedorthist power couple.




Your health, your team - six things you should know about interdisciplinary care.

The Injury & Prevention Clinic is a modern interdisciplinary care clinic that allows patients to access support from experts in several different fields – all under one roof. Learn more about interdisciplinary care and how our team can help you heal.




Getting to the Point - The Benefits of Accupuncture

Acupuncture’s roots can be traced back more than 3,000 years, but its integration into mainstream Western medicine has been a more recent phenomenon. We sit down with Dr. Sarah Twelvetree to discus why acupuncture remains a mystery to so many.



Common work-from-home injuries can be prevented.

While there are obvious benefits to working-from-home it also comes with its drawbacks.  Chiropractor Dr. Allison Gross of the MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic provides her top tips for the best "WFH' experience. 



Spring Training

With the warmer weather comes a season of gardening, hiking, biking, getting outside and pain! MRU Clinic ‘spring training’ approach will help you prevent and reduce the risk of injury.



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