Spring Has Arrived!

With the warmer weather comes a season of gardening, hiking, biking and getting outside. While we are all anxious to get out of our homes and into the sunshine, our team at the MRU Clinic are sending a friendly reminder to practice a ‘spring training’ approach to your outdoor activities to prevent and reduce the risk of injury.

Tips to prevent an injury this spring

Think of your yard work and gardening as a workout – something that a number of us may not have done a lot of recently. All workouts should be built-up slowly. Instead of jumping into a full day of raking and weeding, pace yourself and follow these simple tips!

  1. Warm-up before starting

  2. Take stretch breaks

  3. Mix-up your tasks so that you aren’t repeating the same movement for hours on end

  4. Finish up with a walk around the block to cool-down at the end of the day

Treating spring injuries

Spring training is all about getting back into shape and you might be feeling the effects of a new workout. Apply ice to painful areas and even if you’re feeling a little sore, try to keep your body moving to avoid stiffening up. And of course, our team of practitioners is here to help!

Whether you have a spring injury, a niggling pain from a year of working from home, or just need a massage to help relieve your stress, we have appointments available.

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