Mount Royal responds to Feb. 25, 2021 Provincial Budget

March 1, 2021

Mount Royal University recognizes that the government has difficult decisions to make. That said, MRU is pleased with today’s budget announcement.

Most welcome is a commitment we have received for capital funding. MRU will receive $50 million in capital funding over the next three years for renovations to our former Library and Conservatory spaces in the main building.

This is exceptionally welcome news, as these much-needed renovations will convert unusable areas that currently sit empty into modern and functional spaces with a student-centred purpose.

Expanding student access to post-secondary education in Alberta remains a provincial priority, and these renovations will help us to do our part.

Alberta’s post-secondary institutions are major contributors to the strength of communities and the economic engine of the province.

Our Campus Alberta base grant was reduced by 2.5% which equates to a reduction of $2.33 million. Initially, we had prepared for the possibility of a much larger decrease to our base grant.

We will use this base grant information to prepare next year’s budget, as we work to balance this year’s financials despite the negative impact of the pandemic.

Our job is to make these adjustments to our 2021/22 budget, as we continue to preserve the academic rigour of an MRU education and the supports necessary for students to succeed.

We will also receive an additional $1.9 million in Infrastructure Maintenance Program funding for a total of $5.5 million (2020/21: $3.6 million).

A number of health and access-related grants will be maintained at 2020/21 levels: $350,000 for mental health, $818,000 for students with disabilities and $772,000 for the Health Workforce Action Plan.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Glenn, Senior Media Relations Officer