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Applying to a post-secondary institution may seem like a daunting process.

Whether you are currently in high school, a mature student considering going back to school or you are studying at another post-secondary institution and are thinking about making a change to Mount Royal, we would like your admission experience to be as easy as possible. We've put together checklists to help you with the admission process.Checklists


Fall 2019 Applications/Spring 2019 Applications

Fall 2019 application opened on October 1, 2018

    Check programs offered  to see which programs have a Fall Semester intake and are still open for application.

Fall 2019

We are currently processing applications for the Fall Semester 2019. Many (conditional) admission offers have been made to applicants who present a high competitive admission average on the appropriate high school or post-secondary courses depending on the admission category that applies to each applicant. Offers will continue to be made as space permits.
For applicants whose average is close to the competitive admission average for their program, we know that your wait has been longer than most. We are currently forming waitlists for each program and we are also sending letters to those who we have determined to be not competitively qualified and, therefore, will not receive a spot on the waitlist. Applicants whose name is placed on a waitlist will be notified if we are able to provide a seat in a program. We potentially will make offers to waitlisted applicants as late as August.
Note that a high volume of applications was received throughout the admission process so far and additional applications are being received for programs that remain open.
The application for some programs has closed. Check programs offered to see which program are still open for application.
Spring 2019

The application for Spring Semester 2019 is currently closed.

Check this area for information on the status of admission processing throughout the admission cycle. Key information will be posting here to let you know how things are going. You can also check the status of your application online using your
mr4u account.
Updated May 7, 2019

 If you have further questions, please review some of the most commonly asked questions about the admission process below.

Commonly asked admission questions

Fall Semester

The application for the Fall Semester opens on October 1. The Early Admission application period runs from October 1 to February 1. Applicants must apply and any required documents must be received at Mount Royal by February 1 to be considered within this period. Programs with high demand fill quickly so we encourage you to apply during Early Admission.

We will continue to accept applications for most programs past the February 1 Early Admission deadline based on program space and availability. Some programs have an application deadline of February 1, however, and applications and documents required for evaluation are not accepted past this date. Other programs may be removed from the application on February 1 as well based on the number of applications received. We recommend that you apply during Early Admission for all programs.

Programs with application deadline of February 1:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing

Winter Semester

The application for the Winter Semester opens on October 1. The Early Admission application period runs from October 1 to November 1. Mount Royal only has an intake for the Winter Semester to a limited number of programs. Please visit our Programs Offered page for more information on which programs accept applications for this semester. We may continue to accept applications to certain programs past the November 1 Early Admission deadline based on program space and availability.

Spring Semester

Mount Royal accepts a limited number of students to Open Studies for the Spring Semester. Applications open in late February. Please note that Spring Semester is considered independently from the Fall and Winter Semester. This means that if you are applying to become a student in the Spring Semester you will also be required to apply for the Fall Semester if you wish to continue as a student at Mount Royal University either in Open Studies or in another program. If you are admitted to the Fall or Winter Semester, however, you may attend subsequent semesters, including the Spring Semester, as a continuing student.

Summer Semester

Mount Royal does not currently accept new students into the Summer Semester.

Mount Royal is part of the Alberta Post-secondary Application System (Apply Alberta). You will use Apply Alberta to apply for admission if you:

  • are new to Mount Royal
  • are returning to Mount Royal beyond the allowable absence, or
  • have already applied as a new applicant for the Fall Semester but want to change your program

Current Mount Royal undergraduate students applying to another undergraduate program should apply through your MyMRU account.

Please note: You will be required to pay a non-refundable $100 application fee when you apply. A credit card is required to apply online. Applicants who are not able to use a credit card may apply by mail or in person. Ensure you do not send your credit card information to MRU via email.

The application form requires personal information such as:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Birthdate
  • Citizenship Status
  • Grade 12 course and grade (if applicable) information
  • All High School and Post-secondary (if applicable) attendance 

An admission decision can only be made once we have received your transcript and/or grade information. Please ensure you submit all your documents by the required deadlines to be considered for admission. If a program fills up prior to the submission of the required documentation as indicated below, you will not be considered for admission.

If you are currently in Grade 12 high school you are required to provide (on your application) a full list of Grade 12 level course work for all in-progress courses and courses you plan to complete by June 30 for admission to the Fall Semester and an anticipated final grade for each. If you have already completed any Grade 12 courses, your official transcript is also required for the initial evaluation of your file. Final, official high school transcript(s) must be received by August 1.

If you are out of high school, your final, official high school transcript(s) are required at time of application. If you are upgrading any courses, you are required to report the courses in progress or that you plan to complete by June 30. These courses will not be used in the competitive admission average but will be used to determine if stated admission requirements will be met.

If you are currently attending or have completed any post-secondary courses at another institution, your final, official high school transcript(s) and your official post-secondary transcript(s) are required including grades for all courses completed by Dec. 31, for admission to the Fall Semester. Final, official post-secondary transcript(s) will also be required by August 1 showing all courses completed by June 30.

If you are an international applicant you must have all final, official high school and post-secondary transcripts submitted to Mount Royal for admission evaluation as soon as possible. Ensure they arrive by February 1 for programs with a February 1 deadline.  For (most) programs that remain open after this date, transcripts must be received by May 1 to meet the final deadline for international applicants applying from outside of Canada and the United States. The May 1 deadline is required to allow time to process your application for admission and for you to obtain a study permit/VISA. If you are currently enrolled in high school or post-secondary studies and your final, official transcript will not be available by May 1, please provide transcripts with interim grades so that you can be considered for conditional admission.

If you are a previous Mount Royal student but are not currently attending we require all final, official transcripts again with the exception of your Mount Royal transcript as we have this on file.

If you are a current Mount Royal student you are not required to resubmit transcripts previously provided to Mount Royal.

Documentation to verify English Language Proficiency is also required for students whose first language is not English.

Applicants are required to self-reported grades as indicated on the application for admission. You may only provide self-reported grades once for each course, meaning that you may not alter or revise any previously reported grades throughout the admissions cycle.

Additional self-reported grade information may be accepted in the following circumstances only:
  • you need to report additional courses which were not included on your original application
  • you have added a course that you were not registered in at the time of your grade submission
  • you are re-taking a course
  • you have dropped a course you previously reported
Mount Royal does not receive any updated self-reported grades submitted through your Apply Alberta profile after you have already submitted your application. To update your course or grade information you must complete the appropriate form below and fax it to Admissions and Recruitment Office at the fax number indicated on the form.

Self-reported Grades Form - for students who are in Grade 12 in high school
Self-reported Courses Form - for students who are upgrading courses at MRU, other post-secondary institutions, distance delivery and/or through distance education

High School  or Mature Applicant:

Students who are in Grade 12 in High School: Competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A courses (in-progress, plan to complete or final, official).

Students who are upgrading courses at MRU, other post-secondary institutions, distance learning and/or through adult education: Competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A courses. Only final, official grades will be used for the calculation of this average.

Post-secondary Applicant: Competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your four most recently completed transferable post-secondary course as of Dec. 31 for the following Fall Semester.

While some transcripts will be collected on your behalf, you may be responsible to obtain others yourself. Please review this information carefully to determine which transcripts you are required to provide:


Institution Transcript
High School in Alberta MRU will obtain your transcript
Post-secondary in Alberta which participates in Apply Alberta MRU will obtain your transcript
High School outside of Alberta You must arrange for your official* transcript
Post-secondary in Alberta which does not participate in Apply Alberta You must arrange for your official* transcript
Post-secondary outside of Alberta You must arrange for your official* transcript
High School and post-secondary outside of Canada You must arrange for your official* transcript
International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement You must arrange for your official* transcript
*An official transcript is one which is sent directly to Mount Royal University from the issuing institution.

: A decision can only be made on your application once we have received your transcript and/or grade information, so make sure you don’t miss this important step! 

To be considered official, high school and post-secondary transcripts must be sent directly to Admissions and Recruitment at Mount Royal University from the issuing institution or provincial ministry of education.

If you attended high school in Alberta, Mount Royal University will request high school transcripts on your behalf.

If you attended high school in another province, Mount Royal University requires the direct submission of your official high school transcript(s). Official high school transcripts from other provinces may come directly from the provincial ministry or in some provinces may be directly requested from the high school you attended. In both cases, these must be sent directly from the issuing institution to Mount Royal University.

Contact information for provinces/territories where transcripts come from the provincial ministry.

In British Columbia

In Quebec

In Saskatchewan

In Manitoba

In Newfoundland and Labrador

In Northwest Territories

In Nunavut

In Yukon

If you are an International applicant, contact all high school and post-secondary institutions attended to request submission of your official high school and post-secondary transcript(s) directly to Mount Royal University.

Note: All documents (including transcripts) submitted for admission purposes become the property of Mount Royal University and will not be released to, nor photocopied for, the applicant or anyone outside of Mount Royal. Documents submitted by applicants who are not accepted or who do not attend are destroyed one year after the start of the semester for which admission was requested.

Admission to most academic programs is competitive, meaning students with higher grades will be considered first. Competitive and minimum grade requirements vary from program to program and from year to year based on the number of applicants. To help you determine if your grades are competitive, please see Admission Requirements chart (PDF) which lists the competitive average range based on the competitive average at the end of Early Admission for the previous Fall Semester. For clarification on program admission requirements, review the admission information for your program of interest.
The primary language of instruction and communication at Mount Royal is English. For you to be successful in your studies, it is essential to have an adequate knowledge in reading, writing, listening and speaking in the English language. For admission purposes, all applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency if your primary or first language (meaning the main language learned and used as a child), is not English. English Language Proficiency requirements must be met by:

Fall Semester

August 1: Canadian (including permanent residents) and U.S. applicants
May 1:
International applicants (applying/residing outside Canada and the U.S.)

Winter Semester
December 1 -
all applicants

Spring Semester
April 15 -
all applicants

At any time in the application process, you can login to your mr4u account, your online student portal, to check your application/admission status. You can complete the profile information to create an account or a username and password will be sent to you once you apply.

Fall Semester: Admission decisions will begin to be made in November and will continue on an ongoing basis until August. Your application can only be considered once your course and grade information and any required documents have been received.

Generally, applicants who apply for admission during Early Admission (October 1 to February 1) can expect a decision between November and April. Applicants with higher competitive averages will receive offers first and those who are close to the competitive average cut-off may experience a longer wait. Since all applicants are treated equally up until the end of Early Admission, we ensure that we do not fill our programs prior to that date so we can accommodate all competitively qualified applicants who apply during that period. Some programs may take longer to make admission decisions due to a high volume of applications or additional admission criteria such as a portfolio or interview.

Winter Semester: Admission decisions will begin to be made in November and will continue on an ongoing basis until the end of December. Some programs may take longer to make admission decisions due to a high volume of applications.

Check admission status online.

Your admission offer will be conditional until all of your final, official grades/transcripts are received and all of your admission conditions are met. The conditions you must meet to receive final admission will be outlined in your offer of admission letter. All students issued a conditional or final offer of admission will be required to submit a non-refundable Tuition Deposit by the date specified in your admission offer letter to hold your place in the program.

Final admission will be assessed once all final, official transcripts/documents have been received. Once all documents have been assessed you will be notified whether all the admission requirements have been met.

Final, official transcripts showing all the high school and post-secondary courses you have completed must be received by:

Fall Semester
August 1:
Canadian (including permanent residents) and U.S. applicants - coursework must be completed by June 30
May 1: International applicants (applying/residing outside Canada and the U.S.) unless you are currently attending high school or post-secondary

Winter Semester
December 1: coursework must be completed by August 31

Spring Semester
April 15

We have a number of resources available online and in-person to help support you through the application process. If you would like to meet with a Recruitment Officer to discuss the admission process and admission requirements, please contact the Admissions and Recruitment Office.