Marketing & Communications

As part of University Advancement, the Marketing and Communications teams advance the Mount Royal University’s reputation and profile based on the brand pillars of providing personalized learning; being outcome focused and community responsive, and delivering quality teaching.

Enhancing what we are known for and building on our brand

The University is known as a young, reputable, local university with a supportive environment, practical programs and an enthusiastic faculty. We work to increase the University’s reputation as one that:

  • primarily offers four-year bachelor degrees
  • delivers innovative teaching and programs
  • provides personalized learning
  • develops intellectual qualities
  • engages students in undergraduate academic research
  • grants credentials recognized by graduate and professional schools
  • attracts students from across Canada and around the world

Focusing on audiences with the You Belong Here campaign

While we connect with many people, our focus is on students, employees, donors, alumni and the community as a whole. The You Belong Here brand concept demonstrates that Mount Royal is an inclusive and tight-knit community that will prepare you for your future.

Serving the University with in-house experts and an array of channels

When you learn about, connect with and seek information from Mount Royal, we want it to be pleasant, easy and efficient. For those in the campus community, we are here to help you reach your goals with an array of fit-for purpose tools and informed specialists. If you have a question or want to provide us with some feedback, please send an email to or call 403.440.6111 and your call will be redirected.

We look forward to hearing from and helping you.