International Designated Programs

International Designated Programs

These programs are Designated Learning Programs and are eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit:

Bachelor of Arts

  • Anthropology, BA  
  • Anthropology, BA (Honours) 
  • English, BA 
  • English, BA (Honours) 
  • History, BA 
  • History, BA (Honours) 
  • Policy Studies, BA 
  • Policy Studies, BA (Honours) 
  • Psychology, BA 
  • Psychology, BA (Honours) 
  • Sociology, BA 
  • Sociology, BA (Honours) 

Bachelor of Arts-Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice, BA-CJ 
  • Criminal Justice, BA-CJ (Honours

Bachelor of Aviation Management

  • Aviation Management BAM 


Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Accounting, BBA 
  • Accounting, BBA (Honours) 
  • Finance, BBA 
  • Finance, BBA (Honours) 
  • General Management, BBA 
  • General Management, BBA (Honours) 
  • Human Resources, BBA 
  • Human Resources, BBA (Honours) 
  • International Business, BBA 
  • International Business, BBA (Honours) 
  • Marketing, BBA 
  • Marketing, BBA (Honours) 
  • Supply Chain Management, BBA 
  • Supply Chain Management, BBA (Honours) 

Bachelor of Child Studies

  • Child and Youth Care Counsellor, BCST 
  • Early Learning and Child Care, BCST 

Bachelor of Communication

  • Broadcast Media Studies, BCMM 
  • Information Design, BCMM 
  • Journalism and Digital Media, BCMM 
  • Public Relations, BCMM 

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

  • Computer Information Systems, BCIS 

Bachelor of Education

  • Education - Elementary, B.Ed. 

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

  • Athletic Therapy, BHPE 
  • Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, BHPE 
  • Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, BHPE (Honours) 
  • Physical Literacy, BHPE  
  • Physical Literacy, BHPE (Honours) 
  • Sport and Recreation Management, BHPE 
  • Sport and Recreation Management, BHPE (Honours) 

Bachelor of Interior Design

  • Interior Design, BID 

Bachelor of Midwifery

  • Midwifery, B.Mid. 

Bachelor of Nursing

  • Nursing, BN 

Bachelor of Science

  • Biology, B.Sc. 
  • Biology, B.Sc. (Honours) 
  • Chemistry, B.Sc. 
  • Computer Science, B.Sc. 
  • Data Science, B.Sc.
  • Environmental Science, B.Sc. 
  • General Science, B.Sc. 
  • Geology, B.Sc. 

Bachelor of Social Work

  • Social Work, BSW 


  • Funeral Service, Diploma 
  • Massage Therapy, Diploma 
  • Personal Fitness Trainer, Diploma 
  • Social Work, Diploma 


  • Embalmer, Certificate 
  • Funeral Director, Certificate 

Post Bachelor's Certificate

  • Advanced Accounting, Post Bachelor’s Certificate 
  • Athletic Therapy, Post Bachelor’s Certificate 
  • Human Resources, Post Bachelor’s Certificate 
  • Marketing, Post Bachelor’s Certificate 

Post Diploma Certificate

  • Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing, Post Diploma Certificate 

Alternative Entrance Options

  • Academic Upgrading 
  • Indigenous University Bridging Program 
  • Language Education for Academic Purposes (LEAP) 
  • Open Studies 
  • University Entrance Option 

Full-time English Language Program

  • Foundational English
  • Academic English

Bridging Programs

  • Bridge to Canadian Nursing, BCN


  • Advanced Performance