Building the future of energy in Alberta

Helping Alberta business capitalize on the hydrogen opportunity

March 29, 2023

Edmonton Global, in partnership with Mount Royal University’s (MRU) Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is pleased to announce the launch of the Hydrogen Innovation Accelerator (HIA).

This programming is made possible through funding support from Prairies Economic Development Canada and is a portion of the recent $9.7M in funding announced on Jan. 17 for hydrogen related projects in Alberta.

The HIA is Alberta’s newest accelerator, with a focus on driving the growth of the hydrogen economy and ensuring regional companies benefit from this new opportunity in the energy sector.  The HIA will support the growth of existing small to medium sized (SME) businesses by helping to identify new opportunities related to the hydrogen sector and then helping SMEs to operationalize them.

Hydrogen is forecasted to be an $11-12 trillion-dollar market in the next few decades, and with the establishment of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen Hub, Alberta is poised to be a leader in production, transportation, and hydrogen usage. By partnering with HIA, Alberta companies can capitalize on this explosive market trend. HIA will help Alberta-based businesses lead in production, usage and technologies for hydrogen as an energy source – building the future of energy in Alberta. By harnessing MRU’s world-class Growth Catalyst Program, the HIA will move Alberta businesses from the idea of creating a hydrogen business or service line, to testing commercial viability – in just three months.

HIA’s first cohort of company teams begin in May, 2023. There will be five cohorts over the next 18 months.

The HIA program is suited for Alberta companies with revenues of $2-200 million per year who also have an interest, or mandate, to participate in the trillion-dollar hydrogen market.


"We’re excited to partner with Mount Royal University to deliver this critical programming. MRU has a strong history of delivering SME innovation programming and understands the needs of private industry when it comes to incorporating new innovations and strategies. The HIA will help Alberta companies discover new opportunities in a transitional energy economy, while providing a disciplined and proven approach to strategy and planning of corporate expansion and business model pivots."

– Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global


"There is no better time for Alberta businesses to transition and explore the promise of hydrogen market opportunities.  With a focused approach, and an exciting atmosphere of collaboration, the HIA is a great way for ambitious Alberta companies to move forward. Global trends of this magnitude are rare, even more rare is the ability to participate. We are thrilled to be the delivery partner of Edmonton Global. This accelerator will prepare companies for the possibilities of new growth."

– Peter Fenwick, HIA Director, Mount Royal University


"Prior to the Innovation Accelerator, we had a fairly robust product development program that was very rigid and rigorous. However, as a result of the program, that process has become a lot more organic and intuitive."

– Mark Lea-Wilson, former Director of Innovation, Plainsman Manufacturing and Alumni of MRU’s Innovation Accelerator programming; now Hydrogen Hub Lead at The Transition Accelerator


For more information, please contact:

Peter Fenwick, Program Director, Scale-Up and Growth Programming

Steven Martens, Program Delivery Lead


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