Cultivating relationships, creating community

Randy Genereux - A familiar face in a new place.

There are many new faces on campus these days with a new president, three new deans and a newly appointed associate vice-president, Academic. While this last position is a newly created one, if you've been around campus for a while you may recognize the person who has stepped into this role.

Randy Genereux
Randy Genereux: Associate Vice-President Academic.

Although Randy Genereux began his term as AVP, Academic on Aug. 8, he is no stranger to Mount Royal University.

His résumé lists an impressive roster of administrative leadership positions he has held at Mount Royal over the years.

Genereux has been teaching psychology for many years and was a full-time instructor at Mount Royal from 1987 - 2005 before becoming the associate dean, Faculty of Arts, a post he held until 2008.

He became chair of Mount Royal's Behavioural Sciences department from 2000 - 2002 and also served as president of the Mount Royal Faculty Association (MRFA) from 2002 - 2005.

He received a Distinguished Teaching Award from Mount Royal in 1992.

Coming home

After a brief stint as dean of the School of Arts and Science at Camosun College in Victoria, BC, Genereux returned to Mount Royal.

His experience as a faculty leader is proving valuable as one of his primary responsibilities as AVP, Academic is to help maintain harmony between administration and faculty.

"I have a pretty good sense of what the key issues are for faculty and what are some of their primary values and interests," says Genereux.

He will be assisting Vice-president, Academic and Provost Robin Fisher in dealing with any potential faculty grievances and will also be involved with labour negotiations.

Cultivating community

He says that one of his main objectives is, "To see what we can do at Mount Royal to provide the best possible environment for faculty members to thrive."

With the hiring of new faculty over the past few years to support new degree programs and the transition to a university, Genereux feels that the new faces on campus are having a positive impact on Mount Royal's culture.

"The influx of new faculty is a very exciting development - it's rare that an institution is able to bring in so many new faculty with so much enthusiasm. Mount Royal has been consistent in recruiting faculty members who share our vision of putting students first and of becoming Canada's premiere undergraduate university," Genereux says.

"One of the things that attracted me to this position was the opportunity to take the good relationships we have and make them even stronger, so that we're really working well together to achieve our common goals," Genereux says.

In addition to helping facilitate positive faculty relations, Genereux is also tasked with working with Campus Alberta Quality Council on degree development and review.

On the immediate horizon, he is helping move several new degree proposals forward including a new B.Sc. major in environmental science that will be submitted shortly for review."

In addition to collaborating with the Government of Alberta, Genereux also collaborates with third parties including our peer institutions to maximize synergies with those who are interested in access to Mount Royal instruction.

For example, he is helping finalize an agreement with Medicine Hat Collegeto offer our Bachelor of Business Administration on their campus.

And if that isn't enough to keep Genereux busy, he is also still a teacher at heart and practice.

"Fortunately, I'm still working with students a bit," Genereux says. "Right now I'm supervising a psychology honours student and I'm working with another student on a research project examining undergraduates' willingness to seek academic help."

- Fred Cheney, Oct. 6, 2011