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Formalizing his knowledge opened new doors for Calgarian


You can't work in the oil and gas industry for a quarter century without experiencing ongoing waves of change. For some, the process is stressful and full of fear and resistance. Others, however, embrace the ebb and flow and enthusiastically explore where it can take them.

Tom Morin - a card-carrying member of the latter group - is dedicated to helping those in the former group navigate change with the least amount of stress. In his 25 years in the oil and gas industry, Morin has utilized various models of organizational change, creating programs and implementing them through large organizations. In 2014, he enrolled in the Organizational Change Management Extension Certificate at Mount Royal University to formalize his education in the field.

"I've been studying since the early 2000s and I'm quite fluent in various change management programs and processes out there. What I like most about the model that Mount Royal uses is that it is, by far, one of the most comprehensive and most customizable models out there," Morin says.

The embodiment of MRU's "You Belong Here" theme, Morin is now an instructor in the Continuing Education department. And he sits on Mount Royal's Organizational Change Management Advisory Committee, in addition to all the other hats he wears.


"If you come in for a course on Friday and Saturday, on Monday you can start doing something different in your role and really bring value to the organization."


"Now, I am working part-time in oil and gas and building up my consulting business, Work Innovation Partners. I am teaching at MRU and communicating through my blog. I'm also working on my doctorate," Morin recounts.

How has studying change affected his own journey? "It has allowed me to manage change in my own life, mostly on the working side of things. I understand where I am now and where I want to go. I can listen to why I am resisting something and then manage those concerns. It helps me get from A to B with a lot less stress."

Morin says of Preparing for Change, the course he teaches, "We start with a bit of instruction, then apply it to a solid, real-world case study. We are working on the same cases for two days. By the end of it, they (students) have built a robust change scenario for that organization. And often, the 'A ha!' moment comes from people's personal experiences in an organization. 'Now, I get it! This is why this didn't work out for us. If I had done this, or if we had done that, it would have turned out differently.'"

Change management, once seen as a niche skill, or a role reserved for the leadership team, is becoming a core competency for project managers and individuals alike, Morin points out. For those struggling to manage change, Morin has some practical advice.

"Don't think you have to change your role or become someone else to improve that part of your job. These courses offer affordable and accessible knowledge where you can learn something new. If you come in for a course on Friday and Saturday, on Monday you can start doing something different in your role and really bring value to the organization."


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Jan. 17, 2018 — Ruth Myles

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