Open House 2018 bigger and better than ever

Record attendance recorded for Mount Royal's premier recruitment event



Oct. 27 was a busy day at Mount Royal as the University welcomed approximately 3,263 guests to campus for Open House, the highest attendance number for this premier recruitment event yet. The atmosphere on campus was positive, enthusiastic and hospitable. A small army of 355 representatives of faculty, staff, students and alumni were on hand to help prospective students learn about MRU's admission requirements and application process, plus discover the available programs and supports available to them.



"It was a very successful day," says Alice MacKichan, director of Admissions and Recruitment. "We had lots of eager and excited prospective students and their parents or influencers on campus who seemed to be really making a half- to full-day event of it, taking part in campus tours, Residence tours, visiting various faculties across campus and really getting the full Mount Royal experience."

The most ambitious Open House ever undertaken by Mount Royal, the format showcased the exceptional learning opportunities and outstanding support systems MRU offers, with the University's commitment to teaching and learning making up the foundation of the event.



"There were lots of chances (for guests) to go into labs and see the kind of work that students are doing here at Mount Royal, and what opportunities might be available for them if they were to become a student here," MacKichan says.

Prospective students were able to browse through all their options while interacting face-to-face with University professors, staff and student representatives. Faculties held interactive information sessions highlighting the strengths of their programs, concentrations and options for community service learning. There were discussions on how to customize degrees with a focus on the high-impact teaching practices at Mount Royal University, plus tours of the labs and centres associated with each discipline. Guests were able to explore the number of student clubs, find out about career services for students, learn how to prepare for graduate school and discover the research assistant opportunities available.



"Mount Royal's You Belong Here tagline once again proved itself to be the best way we can describe the MRU experience," says Dave McLean, director of marketing. "We truly don't believe there's anywhere else where students will receive such a personal experience right from the very first moment they step foot in the door. Thanks to everyone for coming."

Oct. 29, 2018 ― Michelle Bodnar

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