Social innovators create change for the better

Certificate strengthens Alberta's growing network of changemakers

Skills for facilitating transformational change

MRU's Social Innovation Extension Certificate provides valuable knowledge and skills for facilitating transformational change.

Finding new ways to address complex social, economic and environmental challenges is at the heart of Mount Royal University's Social Innovation Extension Certificate, developed and delivered in partnership with MacEwan University School of Continuing Education.

Since its launch in January of 2017, the certificate has attracted a wide array of participants, from government employees to post-secondary students, doctors to private sector workers, says instructor Jill Andres.

"The common element is they're interested in looking through a social justice lens at how they can go beyond incremental change and look at transformational change that addresses root causes," says Andres, who is also the director of Mount Royal University's Trico Changemaker Studio. "And it's not just for people who want to start something. It's also for those who want to better contribute to what they are already a part of."

The certificate's four courses are offered in a blended format, so half the classes are online, half are in the classroom. That in-person connection is invaluable in strengthening the growing network of changemakers in the province, Andres says. The courses are offered at the same time in Calgary and Edmonton to bring participants together as one cohort online, sharing valuable experiences from their local environments with each other.

"The networked way of working is at the heart of social innovation. The way the program is delivered is reflective of the kinds of structures we need to affect change."

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Jan. 31, 2018 — Ruth Myles

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