Message to our community from MRU leadership

Posted March 18, 2022


Tim Rahilly | President and Vice-Chancellor

Hey everyone.

This week marks two years since the way that we live, study and work has changed. You have all had to overcome different challenges including learning how to move forward despite new obstacles getting in your way for an extended amount of time. I remain hopeful that we're getting closer to moving past this and I'm so thankful to every student and employee who have been able to roll with the punches.

Paul Rossmann | Vice-President, University Advancement

I'm really grateful for the incredible resilience that I've seen from the entire campus community over the past two years. What we've been through we did without a playbook and I've just seen people doing their very best in really uncertain times.

Elizabeth Evans | Interim Provost and Vice-President, Academic

So two years later I continue to be really optimistic that we are now seeing ourselves get back onto campus again and I am so grateful and so appreciative of what you as students as faculty and as staff have done through these two years.

Jennifer Pettit | Dean, Faculty of Arts

When you leave MRU your graduating classes will be remembered for their persistence and resilience in the face of unprecedented circumstances. Staff and faculty, your incredible dedication has ensured that students were able to continue their studies.

Brad Mahon | Dean, Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension

You've adapted, you've continued to find ways to support each other and stay connected. Thank you.

Liza Choi | Interim Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship

Thank you so much for your hard work, diligence and especially during this pandemic. We're here for you. Please connect with one of us.

Stephen Price | Dean, Faculty of Health, Community and Education

And to our employees to staff to faculty we're just so grateful for the extra work you put in and especially for the care and attention you've given to our students. Thank you.

Meagan Bowler | Dean, University Library

Students, you continue to be amazing, you have shown incredible commitment, creativity and integrity through this whole thing. You have accomplished a tremendous amount.

Jonathan Withey | Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology

Your resiliency, flexibility and adaptability to circumstances which constantly seek to challenge us has been truly impressive. You have my deep admiration and respect.

Kelly Williams-Whitt | Dean, Faculty of Business and Communication Studies

You should be so proud of your resilience, persistence and flexibility.

Annalise Van Ham | Vice-President Finance and Administration

As we mark this two-year anniversary of this covid pandemic experience, I must say how impressed I am by our students.

Meagan Bowler | Dean, University Library

Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration.

Tim Rahilly | President and Vice-Chancellor

We're still adapting to changes and now is the time to approach one another with compassion and respect as we get used to this new routine. I'm so grateful that all of you have done such great work. I look forward to the time ahead at Mount Royal.