2024-25 Tuition Fees Q & A

What can students expect for 2024-25 tuition and fees? 


  1. Domestic tuition will see an average increase of 2% across all programs as allowed by the Tuition and Fees Regulation
  2. International tuition will increase by 1.5% for all programs.

Mandatory non-instructional fees have increased from last year to the following: 

  • $147.04 Recreation and Athletics (full-time) 5% increase
  • $436.76 Student Services Fee (full-time) 10% increase
  • $165 for the fall and $170 for winter will be collected on behalf of the City of Calgary for the UPass

For those participating in Non-Credit Work Experience or Cooperative Education, fees are $646.72 per course and Professional Development and Coop Education preparation fees are  $324.36 per course. 

Visit the Tuition and Fee Schedules page for more information. All rates are full-time, and part-time rates are prorated in accordance with the tuition and fees summary.

Were students consulted before these changes?

Yes, three student members on the University Tuition Fee Consultation Committee represent the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University. They were part of a consultation process that began in Fall 2023. Students are also represented on the Board of Governors. We continue to work with and consult students as decisions on tuition and fees are made.

Will tuition be increased in future years as allowed by the provincial government?

We will continue to review our tuition and fees to appropriately account for the costs of delivery and to preserve the quality of programs and services students rely on to support their success. We will also continue to consult with student representatives as part of the process and to comply with the provincial tuition fee guidelines. As of February 2023, the Government of Alberta has restricted overall tuition increases to a maximum of 2% in both 2024/25 and 2025/26.

What are Mandatory Non-instructional Fees and what do they pay for?

Mandatory Non-instructional Fees are made up of the Student Services Fee and the Recreation and Athletics Fee. The Student Services Fee is a mandatory fee, assessed on a per-term basis, that directly supports services vital to students' academic and personal success. It is a comprehensive fee that is applied to services and supports in Student Affairs, Enrolment Services and International Education. A report detailing how this fee supports the student experience is published annually. Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees cover only a portion of the costs incurred to deliver these services and supports.

What additional funding (bursaries, awards and scholarships) are available?

The student tuition bursary will now provide up to $1,000 each to 1,200 qualifying students.

Bursaries are based on financial need. Additional information on bursaries is available here.