Preparing for the Fall 2022 semester and COVID-19 update

Monday, August 15 at 3 p.m.

Welcome and a special hello to new faculty and staff who have joined MRU in the past six months. We hope everyone had some downtime over the summer and an opportunity to recharge.

In the next few weeks, our campus community will be bustling as the Fall 2022 semester starts in-person for all aspects of university life. That is, activities that were in-person prior to March 2020 will return to in-person.

As we navigate being fully back on campus, the lessons we have learned from having to adapt quickly and often during a global pandemic, whether in teaching, research, operations or other activities, will continue to inform our practices.

As we start the Fall semester, the following safety measures continue to be recommended and are encouraged for members of the Mount Royal community to limit transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses:

  • Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and keeping your vaccinations up-to-date. Wyckham Pharmacy on campus is offering limited walk-in vaccinations, as well as scheduled appointments.
  • Monitoring your personal health on a daily basis.
  • You are strongly encouraged to stay home and complete the Employee Self-Isolation Report Form if you are experiencing symptoms or test positive for COVID-19. This allows the University to monitor and respond as needed to the situation on campus. If you are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19, please work with your supervisor/manager to determine if you are able to work from home.
    • On an exception basis and for COVID-related absences only, employees who have access to Short Term Disability (STD) as per the Collective Agreement or Terms and Conditions of their employment, will be able to access STD for the time missed from work, regardless of the number of days they are absent from work. In order to access STD in this manner, employees will be required to complete the Employee Self isolation Report Form. An employee who does not have access to STD, on an exception basis, may take other leaves as eligible (i.e. vacation, personal days, accumulated time).
  • Students are strongly encouraged to stay home when ill and complete the MRU Student Illness Report Form if they are experiencing symptoms and/or test positive for COVID-19 or have another illness. The Report Form will provide students with a record of their illness that they can share with their instructors in navigating academic impacts their absence may cause. It also allows the University to monitor and respond as needed to the situation on campus. If greater issues or concerns arise due to illness, students and faculty can also access Early Support as needed.
  • Personal health measures:
    • Mount Royal recommends wearing a mask indoors. Please note, masks are still required in some areas.
    • Free masks and voluntary rapid testing are available at the Cougars Campus Store.
    • Wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and practise good cough/sneeze etiquette.

Thank you for your contributions to creating a safer environment for the Mount Royal community. Stay up-to-date on information by visiting Updates & Resources.