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Lab Essentials

Accessing your files off-campus

All MRU users are given storage for files on campus computers with their computer account. The MRU Secure Remote Access Service (SRAS) allows MRU users to access their data from anywhere with an Internet connection. This tutorial explains how to login, delete, download and upload files, create folders and bookmark folders from off campus.


1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to


2. Enter your MRU username and password.

3. Click the Sign In button.

4. Once you have logged in, your available drives will be listed. The H: drive is your personal storage space and will have your username. Click on the H: drive.


5. Once inside the H: drive you will see your files and folders listed. You can click a file's name to open it in the corresponding program (such as Microsoft Word). Note: When you open a file it will save to your computer, not on the H: drive. You must upload a file to place it on the H: drive (see step 11).

To select a file or folder click the box next to it.

6. Once selected, you can choose to delete or download the file by clicking either the Delete button or the Download button.


7. If you choose to delete the item, you will be asked to confirm the deletion by clicking Yes.

Once deleted you will be taken back to the list of files.

8. If you choose to download the file, type in the name for the downloaded file. Note: You can leave this blank and it will save as


9. Click the Download button.

10. The downloaded file will be saved to your computer as a zip file. In order to unzip you must right-click the zipped file and choose Extract All... from the menu.

11. When viewing your H: drive, click the Upload Files...button to upload a file.


12. You can upload up to five files at a time. Click the Browse button to do so.

13. Click the Upload button.

Note: duplicate files will not be overridden by default. To overwrite an existing file or folder, you must enter the same name in the Save As field.

14. A new window will open to display the upload status. When the upload is complete you may close the window.

15. To create a folder, click the New Folder... button.


16. You can add a bookmark to a specific folder to the list of drives when you first login.
There are two methods to adding bookmarks:

16a. Navigate to the folder you wish to bookmark. For example, if bookmarking H:\Documents, go to the Documents folder so that you are viewing the contents. Click Bookmark Current Folder.


16b. Check the box next to the folder you wish to bookmark and click the Bookmark Selected... button.


17. You can type in a custom name for your bookmark. Click the Add Bookmark button when done.

Your bookmark will be added to the list of drives. If you wish to delete the bookmark, click the trash icon.