Ubuntu - WPA/WPA2 setup

MRU offers a secure wireless network that can be accessed by Linux operating systems that support WPA/WPA2. Please follow the procedure listed below to enable WPA for your device. If you have any problems please call 403.440.6000.

Note: MRU IT does not provide support for Linux setup/installation. This document is provided as general reference only and Linux offers many ways to connect to WPA encrypted networks.

1. Locate the wireless icon on the upper right corner of the Ubuntu toolbar.

2. Left-click the wireless icon and select the MRsecure option.

3. Tap MRsecure and in the next window that appears enter your User Name and Password. Leave the Anonymous Identity box empty. For the CA Certificate, browse to /etc/ssl/certs and find the certificate named DigiCert Global Root CA.

4. Click Connect.

You are now connected to the MRsecure network.