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Privacy impact assessments

Although not required under the Alberta FOIP Act, Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) provide a way to mitigate various privacy risks associated with projects implemented by public bodies that collect, use, and disclose personal information.

Mount Royal University departments can use the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) format developed by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (the OIPC) for any department projects that collect, use and disclose personal information.

Completed Privacy Impact Assessments may be forwarded to the Mount Royal University Privacy Office for review. These PIAs are retained on file by the Mount Royal University Privacy Office for future reference.

Depending on the project, the University department can also take an additional step and forward the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to the OIPC for review. The OIPC can then, upon review, decide to "accept" the PIA, which demonstrates that the OIPC is satisfied that the University has made reasonable provisions to protect an individual's privacy.

Because the responsibility for protecting the privacy of individuals falls on the University due to the Alberta FOIP Act, the OIPC will "accept" (rather than "approve") the PIA.

The following provides a table summary of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) submitted to the Mount Royal University Privacy Office.

MRU File Number
Project Name
2018-PIA-0006 Enrolment Services (Registrar) Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) Software
2018-PIA-0005 ORSCE (Research) Faculty Annual Reporting (FAR) System
2018-PIA-0004 Economics DigitalED Learning and Assessment Tool
2018-PIA-0003 Parking Services LockerGM Software
2018-PIA-0002 Enrolment Services (Student Awards) AcademicWorks Software
2018-PIA-0001 Library Services Ex Libris Integrated Library Software
MRU File Number
Project Name
2017-PIA-0006 Event and Theatre Services Online Conference and Event Registration Management Software
2017-PIA-0005 Enrolment Services Curriculum Development Software
2017-PIA-0004 Financial Services International Tuition Payment Software
2017-PIA-0003 MRU Foundation Online External Donation Software
2017-PIA-0002 Human Resources Online Job Applicant Tracking System
2017-PIA-0001 Institutional Research & Planning Diversity Census and Inclusion Survey Tool
MRU File Number Department Project Name
2016-PIA-0010 Career Services Orbis Communications Software
2016-PIA-0009 Accessibility Services Symplicity Accommodate Software
2016-PIA-0008 Enrolment Services Ad Astra Analytics Software
2016-PIA-0007 School of Nursing and Midwifery Labs Simulated Clinical Experience
2016-PIA-0006 Financial Services Ellucian (Chrome River) Travel Expense Software
2016-PIA-0005 Career Services Purposely - Career Platform Software
2016-PIA-0004 Security Services Resolver Incident Management Software
2016-PIA-0003 School of Nursing and Midwifery Click4Time Appointment Booking Software
2016-PIA-0002 Aviation Talon Education and Training Software
2016-PIA-0001 Board of Governors Diligent Board Meeting Software
MRU File Number Department Project Name
2015-PIA-0008 Library Alma Ex Libris Software
2015-PIA-0007 Information Design (Dept) Balsamiq (Interface Mockup) Educational Software
2015-PIA-0006 Research Services Process Pathways Romeo
2015-PIA-0005 Financial Services Student Electronic Refund (EFT)
2015-PIA-0004 University Advancement Useed Crowdfunding Software
2015-PIA-0003 Conservatory Click4Time Appointment Booking Software
2015-PIA-0002 Conservatory ShoWare Event Ticketing Software
2015-PIA-0001 Cougar Athletics Front Rush Recruiting Software
MRU File Number Department Project Name
2014-PIA-0006 Continuing Education Click4Time Appointment Booking Software
2014-PIA-0005 Information Technology Services Google Apps for Education for Faculty and Staff
2014-PIA-0004 Recreation Services ActiveNet Software
2014-PIA-0003 Document Services PrintSys Software
2014-PIA-0002 Human Resources Intelex OHS Software
2014-PIA-0001 Student Affairs and Campus Life TimeTrade Booking Software
MRU File Number Department Project Name
2013-PIA-0004 Institutional Analysis and Planning Blue: Electronic SEI
2013-PIA-0003 Practicum Clinic Click4Time Appointment Booking Software
2013-PIA-0002 Parking Services T2 Parking System Software
2013-PIA-0001 Student Learning Services Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program

MRU File Number Department Project Name
2012-PIA-0002 Risk Services Confidence Line - Financial and Professional Misconduct Reporting
2012-PIA-0001 Information Technology Services Google Apps for Education for Students
MRU File Number Department Project Name
2011-PIA-0002 Supply Chain Services Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Vendors Project
2011-PIA-0001 Cougar Athletics Monster Hockey Pool Online Fundraising Tool Project

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