Policies & Guidelines

Delegation of authority

Mount Royal has performed many of the functions necessary to ensure full FOIP compliance. For further information please contact the FOIP Advisor, Jeremy Duffin at 403.440.7288.

Who's Who at Mount Royal University?

President and head of local public body

Under the Act the President of Mount Royal has been appointed as the designated head of the local public body (Mount Royal). He is ultimately responsible for Mount Royal's implementation and adherence to FOIP. He can and has delegated the day to day operational issues to the FOIP Advisor.

Dr. Tim Rahilly

Phone: 403.440.6393
E-mail: president@mtroyal.ca

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FOIP advisor

The FOIP Advisor for Mount Royal is the key contact for FOIP issues both internally and externally. The responsibilities include overseeing implementation of FOIP, responding to FOIP requests and acting as a resource for FOIP issues.

Jeremy Duffin
Phone: 403.440.7288
E-mail: jgduffin@mtroyal.ca

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