Records and Information Management

What is Records and Information Management (RIM)?

The Mount Royal University Records and Information Management (RIM) program is responsible for providing the systematic control of University business records throughout their entire lifecycle, which includes their creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and final disposition.

The Director, University Secretariat is responsible for the program business unit in accordance with MRU Policy 1601, which is located within the Office of the President.

The purpose of the program is to provide (regardless of media) efficient, secure, compliant, and cost effective methods to manage institutional records, where governance is accomplished by classifying records in accordance with the Mount Royal University Records Retention Schedule. This policy document is reviewed by General Counsel and the President's Executive Committee.

Overall, Records and Information Management provides guidance on the following topics:

  1. Transitory Records
  2. Filing, Indexing, and Classifying Records
  3. Offsiting Records
  4. Destroying Records
  5. Managing Electronic Records

For additional information regarding the program, please contact the Information Management and Privacy Advisor.