Dr. Janne Holmgren


Full Professor

Office: EA 3056B
Phone: 403.440.6253
Email: jholmgren@mtroyal.ca 

Ph.D.: The University of Calgary
    DNA Evidence and the Canadian Jury
     - Supervisors: Professors Chris Levy and Patrick Knoll (Faculty of Law),
        Dr. Garth Benson and Dr/ Jo Towers (Division of Educational Research)
     - External Supervisor: Dr. James Ogloff, Faculty of Clinical Psychology.,
        Monash University, Australia       
M.A.: Simon Fraser University
    DNA Evidence and the Canadian Defence Lawyers
        - Supervisor: Joan Brockman, LLM and Dr. Robert Menzies (Criminology)
        - External Supervisor: Dr. William Thompson, Faculty of Law, Sociology and                                                                                                   Criminology, University of California, Irvine, USA

 Additional Education:

  • DNA Statistics Certificate
    The University of North Carolina, USA                                                                                           
    Mid Atlantic Association of forensic Science (MAAFS)
    Roanoke, VA, USA Professor: Dr. Bruce Weir
  • The RCMP Phased Interview Model for Suspects: RCMP, Canada
  • The REID Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation: John E. Reid and Associates, Chicago, USA
  • The PEACE Model
  • Medicolegal Death Investigations: Forensic Technology Center of Excellence: National Institute of Justice/RTI International, USA

Teaching Philisophy: 

My role as an educator and mentor to students at Mount Royal University is one that I take very seriously. I was a student for many years, and had it not been for my mentors and supervisors, I would not be in the profession I have chosen.  I approach each of my classes, every week, as it might be my last. Dr. Randy Pausch in his last lecture on December 20, 2007, said, “Time is all you have, and you may find one day that you have less than you think.” While Dr. Pausch was facing his students, colleagues and family for the last time, his message was powerful and inspired me to make sure that the three hours that I have every week with my students are not wasted. I teach with passion and with impact. I embrace my profession and understand that I have the capacity to make a difference in the lives of both my colleagues and my students.

Teaching Interests:

DNA evidence; forensic interviewing; forensic evidence (including video evidence); death investigation; wrongful convictions; psychopathy, child development and crime and biological psychological explanations to crime

  • I usually teach the following courses:
    • CRJS 2013 (Forensic Interviewing)
    • CRJS 2005 (Aberrant Behavior – with a focus on biological and psychological explanations of crime)
    • CRJS 4002 (Critical Analysis of Forensic Science Techniques)
  • I am available to supervise Honours students and Medical Examiner’s Practicum Students


  • My own research agenda focuses on the following topics:
    • DNA evidence (including MAOA, genotyping and phenotyping)
    • CSI Effect; Social Media Effect; Groupthink; CCTV and camera evidence
  • The Chief Office of the Medical Examiner – a partnership with Alberta Justice
    • I mentor fourth year selected students as they are introduced to the work of autopsies and death investigations in Alberta, Canada.

Published Books:

Holmgren, J. A. (2017). Interviewing and Interrogation: A Canadian Critical and Practical Perspective (First Ed.). Toronto: Nelson Education.

Holmgren, J.A. (2008). DNA Evidence: Judge and Jury Challenges. Germany: VDM Verlag.

Selected Grants & Awards:

 2019, February. Nominated for the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Supervision Award. Mount Royal University, Canada

 2018, February. Nominated for the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Supervision Award. Mount Royal University, Canada

 2016 - 2017. Nomination for the 2014/15 Faculty of Arts’ “Outstanding Teacher Award."  Faculty of Arts - Mount Royal University, Canada

 2014 - 2015. Nomination for the Outstanding Teaching Award: Faculty of Arts. Nominated in the Faculty of Arts. Mount Royal University, Canada

  1. Nomination for the Distinguished Teaching Faculty Award - Faculty of Health and Community Studies. Mount Royal University, Canada

 2012, June. Nomination for Effective Team Award. Mount Royal University, Canada

 2011 - 2011. Nominated for Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, Faculty of Health and Community Studies. Mount Royal University,   Canada

 2004 - 2004. Nomination for the Law and Society Dissertation Award. Canada

  1. Nomination for the International Qualitative Research Method's Dissertation Award, 2004 (Distinction). Canada

 2000 - 2002. University of Calgary Graduate Student Scholarship. Conferred by University of Calgary

  1. Nominated for Bronze Medal for MA Thesis in Criminology: Simon Fraser University (Distinction). Canada

 1995 - 1997. Graduate Studies Research Scholarship. Conferred by Department of Criminology, Simon Fraser University

Mount Royal University Service/External Service:

2018, August 15 – June 15, 2021. Criminal Justice Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice Program Coordinator.

2018, August 15 – June 15, 2021. Part Time Hiring Committee.

2017, March - 2018, January. Criminal Justice Degree Program Review Committee Member, Criminal Justice Degree Program Review Committee Member.

2017, May - Present. Death Investigation: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Alberta Justice, Facilitator and mentor to Students).

2016, September 10 - 2016, September 30. Admin. Assistant Hiring Committee for Dept. of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies, vetted through 80 resumes and engaged in interviews with selective candidates.

2016, October 6. Wrongful Conviction Day. Panel with Ron Dalton (exonerated) and Steven Truscott (exonerated). Performed at Jenkins Theatre, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB. (Event Organizer).

2015, May - 2015, October 2. Panel Member (with Hersh Wolsh, David Milgaard (exonerated), Michelle Christopher) on Wrongful Convictions: National Wrongful Conviction Day - Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB.

2014, March 18. Guest Lecturer for the Department of Sociology at the University of Calgary on DNA Evidence.

2014, March 18 - 2014, March 18. Rapid DNA, Changes in DNA Technology, and the CSI Effect. Invited Guest Lecturer for the Dept. of Sociology - The University of Calgary

2014, January. Mount Royal University - Tenure and Promotion Committee (TPC).

2012, March 21. Mount Royal University - Chaired Student Presentations for Student Research Day.

2012 - 2014, January 1. eLearning Task Force. Mount Royal University.

2012 - 2014. The University Wide Honours Program Development Committee. Mount Royal University.

2013 - 2015. The Mount Royal University Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee (RSAC). Mount Royal University.

2012, March - 2013, August. The Alberta Restorative Justice Steering Committee. MRU Representative.

2012 - 2018. Association in Defence of the Wrongful Convicted (AIDWYC), Organizer and Participant.

2012, April 17. Mount Royal University and the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC) - Fundraising Panel: Guest Speaker.

2014, June - 2018, July. Board Member (Community), Calgary Communities Against Sexual Assault (CCASA).

2010 – 2011. MRU - Tenure Review Committee: Departmental (TPC).

2010 - 2014, February. Planned Leave Committee. Mount Royal University.

2011, August 23. Calgary Police Service - John Petropoulos Memorial Golf Tournament. Departmental Representative/Volunteer.

2011, May - 2014, August. Centre for Child Well-Being Advisory Committee. Dept. of Child Studies, Mount Royal University.

2010 - 2012, June 15. MRFA Academic Liaison Committee. Mount Royal University.

2008 – 2010. Mount Royal University Board Member of the MRU Daycare Society, Calgary, AB, Canada.

2006 - 2007. The Mount Royal College Faculty of Roles and Responsibilities Committee. Mount Royal College.

2003 - 2005. The Faculty of Health and Community Studies Professional Development Committee (Faculty). Mount Royal College. (Member).

2002 - 2006. The Mount Royal College Research Ethics Committee (University). Mount Royal College. (Member).

2004 – 2006. Children's Legal & Educational Resource Centre (CLERC) Board Member, Calgary, AB, Canada.  (Board Member).