Dr. Tanya Trussler


Degrees: PhD in Sociology: McGill University, 2010

Office: EA3052
Phone: 403.440.5526
E-mail: ttrussler@mtroyal.ca

Dr. Tanya Trussler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies. She holds degrees from Saint Francis Xavier University, the University of Calgary, and a Doctor of Philosophy from McGill University. Her PhD dissertation examined geo-temporal factors affecting homicide and homicide clearance in Canada.

Teaching Interests: Quantitative Methodologies; Violence and Society
Research Interests: Interpersonal Violence; Recidivism, Policing Violence; Quantitative Criminology; Spatial Risk; Distribution of Crime; Crime Reduction Methods.


 Current Research Projects:

• Homicide Clearance in Canada: An examination of factors impacting homicide investigation and clearance in Canada using multiple methods.
• Criminal Recidivism in Fiji: An examination of factors impacting re-offence
• A Multidisciplinary and Multiscale Approach to Assessing Risk and Reducing Crime: Integrating perspectives to decrease the risk of crime