Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies

Tracey Lowey

Title: Sessional Instructor
Office: EA 3303
Phone: 403.440.7031


M.A.: Minot State University, Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice
   - Thesis title: Adolescent Substance Abuse and the General Theory of Crime.

Undergrad: Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.


  • My teaching interests include crime analysis and aberrant behaviour. I have been a crime analyst with the Calgary Police Service for 21 years. I have worked in the Gang Unit, Homicide Unit and currently, I am the analyst in the Human Trafficking Unit. I have received specialized training in criminal investigative analysis, geospatial analysis, cell data analysis and human trafficking. These experiences have given me the foundation to teach from a practical perspective. I wrote the Crime and Intelligence Analysis Course for MRU in 2012. My goal in writing this course was to provide students with the experience, knowledge and academic framework to understand the true nature of crime analysis within law enforcement.
  • At MRU, I teach Crime and Intelligence Analysis, Aberrant Behaviour and Critical Analysis of Forensic Science.
  • I have also been employed by Athabasca University for 21 years as a Tutor in the Criminal Justice Program and Psychology Program. I am the Tutor for Crime and Intelligence Analysis, Forensic Psychology, Psychology of Criminal Behaviour, Victims of Crime and Risk Assessment and Threat Management


  • Presentation at the IACA Symposium on June 3, 2019 – Collaboration between an Investigator and Crime Analyst.
  • Presentation at the International Women in Policing Conference on August 25, 2018 – Collaboration between an Investigator and Crime Analyst.
  • Hickey, Eric. (2003). Encyclopaedia of Murder and Violent Crime. Road Rage and Vehicular Homicide. Contributing author on vehicular homicide.
  • Bertrand, L., Knoppers, B., Hornick, J. & Lowey, T. (1996). The Experiences of Minority Youth in the Canadian Justice System. Canadian Research Institute for Law & the Family.
  • Paper presentation, An Evaluation of the Treatment of Adolescent Sexual Offenders, at the American Society of Criminology conference in Chicago, IL in November 1996.
  • Presentation of master’s thesis, Adolescent Substance Use and The General Theory of Crime, at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in Las Vegas, NV in March 1996.
  • Paper Presentation, Plea Bargaining in America, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in Boston, MA in March 1995.