Joan-Maki Motapanyane

Maki Motapanyane

Joan-Maki Motapanyane

BA (Political Science/History) University of New Brunswick
MA (Women's Studies) Dalhousie University
PhD (Women's Studies) York University

Office: EA3133
Phone: 403.440.6536

Dr. Maki Motapanyane is an Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies in the Department of Humanities. She teaches courses on feminist theory, transnational feminism/globalization, environmental justice, social movements/political upheaval/social change, 'race'/racism and popular culture.

Her research is situated across three main subject areas - cultural studies ('race', ethnicity, racism), feminism in Africa, and transnational feminism/international development. She has published on feminist theory, transnational feminist research methods, racialized humour and comedy, Hip-Hop culture, and mothering and motherhood.

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