Mark Gardiner

Mark Gardiner

BA (Hons) University of Calgary
MA University of Calgary
PhD McMaster University

Office: EA3141
Phone: 403.440.6541

Main areas of scholarly interest and/or expertise:
Philosophical Semantics and Truth Theory
Value Theory

Main areas of instruction at MRU:
PHIL 1175 - Reason and Argument
PHIL 1179 - Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 1149 - Philosophy: Values and Ethics
PHIL 1101 - Philosophy: Knowledge and Existence
PHIL 3345 - Topics in Moral Theory
PHIL 2267 - Philosophy of Science
PHIL 2219 - Philosophy of Law
PHIL 2221 - Metaphysics

Current research interests:
The Metaethical Fact/Value Distinction
Recent Theories of Meaning

Other relevant interests, activities, associations, qualifications, experiences, etc.:
Working with Dr. Steven Engler on the impact of recent theories of meaning on the study of religion