Campus Safety

Simon Hermiz on duty at the Security dispatch desk.

Your safety is our concern

Security Services responds to alarms and accidents, provides emergency first aid and responds to unusual activity on campus 24/7.

Your safety, and ensuring a safe and secure learning environment is our main concern.

Emergency phone numbers

Security Services 24-hour emergency line: 403.440.5900

City of Calgary Emergency Services: 911 (dial 9 first if calling from a campus landline)

Security Services non-emergency:

Emergency phones are located throughout campus and connect directly to Security Services.


Don’t want to walk alone on campus? SAFEWalk security staff are available 24/7 to escort you to your car, bus stop, or to and from campus buildings. 

Studying after hours 

If you are studying on campus after hours please sign in. In an emergency Security Services needs to know where you are to ensure you remain safe. Sign in here. 

Working alone

Sign in online when you’re working alone. If you don’t check out on time, Campus Security will contact you. 

What is available after 5 p.m.?

Study Spaces

To meet the needs of our students, all informal spaces across campus are identified to make it easy for you to find the space you need. For detailed information, visit

Food and Drink Services

For detailed information, visit Food Services.

Campus Transit

Bus routes are displayed on selected evening campus information screens. For more information, visit or text your stop number to 74000.

Other resources