Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

There's a long history of teaching excellence at Mount Royal. We're known for our focus on teaching and learning - our focus on you.

Mount Royal faculty are highly rated by students who describe their professors as knowledgeable,inspiring and engaging. Our smaller average class size ensures that faculty get to know you, and you get to know them. They challenge you to be your best while giving you the attention and support you need to succeed. You won't be lost in the crowd.

Mount Royal consistently ranks among the very best Canadian universities in student satisfaction with the quality of teaching and the quality of the overall educational experience. We want to keep it that way - it's our commitment to every student.

To ensure we continue to lead the way, the University moved this portfolio under the Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President, Academic. The Vice-Provost will uphold Mount Royal's longstanding commitment to instructional excellence, quality programs and innovative practice by overseeing university-wide teaching and learning initiatives such as the advancement of scholarly teaching, the evaluation of teaching, internationalization and Indigenization of curriculum, and integration of liberal education in all Mount Royal programs.

Unique to Canada, faculty members at Mount Royal are engaged in scholarly teaching as a benchmark to their tenure. Professors are required to reflect on their teaching, maintain knowledge of best practices and apply best teaching practices for their area of expertise.

We also want you to get a real-world experience that can actually help the world. Mount Royal is a leader in Community Service Learning (CSL), which pairs your interest of study with a global issue that you can help tackle. One-quarter of students participated in CSL projects through 45 courses, totalling more than 300,000 hours of community service with almost 500 partner organizations.