Public Relations Minor


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The Minor in Public Relations is designed to educate students in the role that public relations play in today’s complex society. Public Relations is a growing field in Canada and globally, with the Canadian employment market forecast projecting consistent growth over the next decade.

Students who earn a Public Relations Minor will gain a broad understanding of the role of public relations within governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, and society, as well as knowledge and experience in developing public relations messaging and materials.

Note: Students should be aware that registration in senior PUBR level courses may require successful completion of specific PUBR courses at the 1000-, 2000-, and/or 3000-level.

Required courses
One of:

  • PUBR 1841 - Introduction to Public Relations
  • PUBR 2830 - Public Relations and the Public Good

One of:

  • PUBR 1845 - Interpersonal Communications
  • PUBR 1849 - Applied Writing I for Public Relations

One of:

  • COMM 2500 - Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 2501 - Media History and Contemporary Issues
  • COMM 3500 - Media, Culture and Communication Theory

Three of:

  • COMM 3501 - Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 3515 - The Future of the Media
  • PUBR 3841 - Media Relations
  • PUBR 3843 - Communication and Organizational Culture
  • PUBR 3851 - Computer-Mediated Communication *
  • PUBR 3860 - Government Public Relations
  • PUBR 3890 - Special Topics in Public Relations
  • PUBR 4847 - International and Intercultural Public Relations
  • PUBR 4849 - Fund Development and Corporate Philanthropy
*This course requires one or more prerequisites outside of the minor.