Minor in Speech

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A minor in Speech is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on the study of spoken communication and how we present ourselves in a variety of settings, from interpersonal communications, leadership and small group participation and interviews, to speaking to large audiences. The skills learned are transferable both personally and professionally. A Minor in Speech is advantageous and beneficial to any career path that requires communication, including but not limited to Education, Business, Languages and Communications. Material covered includes Speech Writing, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications, Linguistics, Delivery Techniques, Persuasion, Intercultural Communication and Professional Speaking.

Required courses:

  • LING 1111 - The Nature of Language I
  • SPCH 2001 - Introduction to Public Speaking
  • SPCH 2003 - Delivery Techniques for Presentation
  • SPCH 2007 - Professional Speaking
  • SPCH 3001 - Persuasive Speaking
  • SPCH 3009 - Great Speakers, Great Speeches

One of the following:

  • LING 1113 - The Nature of Language II
  • SPCH 2005 - Oral Tradition, Narration, and Story-telling