• Close up of a jet engine with blue lights illuminating the intricate details of the machinery.

New aviation facility at Springbank Airport

On Monday, June 17, Mount Royal University took possession of a facility at Springbank Airport that will serve as the home base of our Aviation Program. Together with our Bachelor of Aviation Management Degree and two-year Aviation Diploma programs, this facility will provide room for growth and reinforce our status as the program of choice for students and employers seeking pilots and leaders for the aviation industry. Located at the northwest corner of Dehavilland Way and Noorduyn Park, the facility can be seen from the TransCanada Highway.

What will the new facility provide?

  • Enhanced learning environment: Our new 3,402-square-meter (36,632-square-foot) aviation facility will include modern classrooms, study spaces and meeting rooms. This space will greatly improve the learning experience for our students and provide an ideal environment for our faculty to deliver quality teaching.
  • Expanded capacity: The facility’s two hangars can house our current fleet of aircraft, with additional space to accommodate future growth. This expansion supports the ongoing evolution of our Aviation Program, meeting the ever-increasing demand for skilled pilots and aviation leaders.
  • Advanced technology access: Students will benefit from more efficient flight scheduling, access to new technology and hands-on learning opportunities. Future enhancements may include virtual reality and advanced simulators, fostering a rich, immersive educational experience.
  • Community partnership: Our presence at Springbank Airport strengthens our partnership with the local community and cements our role as a key partner in Alberta’s aviation industry. This collaboration will further enhance networking opportunities for students and foster industry connections.
  • Sustainable future: This facility supports our vision for the future, providing a solid foundation for the coming decades of aviation education at Mount Royal. It ensures that our Bachelor of Aviation Management and Aviation Diploma programs continue to produce highly skilled graduates ready — and prepared — to excel in the aviation sector.

The MRU hangar housing airplanes; ready for flight.

Mount Royal's new 3,402-square-meter (36,632-square-foot) aviation facility — the building with a light centre portion, above, with two hangar doors on its left — will include modern classrooms, study spaces and meeting rooms, greatly improving the learning experience for our students while providing two hangars to house our current fleet of aircraft with additional space to accommodate future growth.

How is it being funded? 

The projected cost for the project — including purchase, renovations and a new fuel tank — is $9.71 million. This initiative has been made possible through the Government of Alberta, private donor support — including the late K.C. (Ken) Lett, MGen, (Ret’d) — and a $3-million federal investment from PrairiesCan. We also recognize WestJet’s ongoing advocacy for our Aviation Program. We are grateful for these contributions, which are vital in advancing our mission to deliver personalized, outcome-focused education

What’s next? 

Now that the purchase is complete, we can begin planning for necessary renovations to optimize the facility for our program’s needs. While the renovations are not anticipated to be extensive, they are needed to ensure the building meets all code requirements and is fully equipped to support our students and staff. We are looking forward to celebrating the 55th anniversary of flight instruction at Mount Royal in the new aviation facility in early 2025.

We will keep you informed throughout the renovation process on this page and share more about our plans for the facility’s future.