New business majors 'a monumental point in our development'

Students may declare starting July 1


Gurdit Khatra says having a designated Finance major will demonstrate to employers the focus of his Bachelor of Business Administration.

Three new business majors will let students stand out in their career searches, make an impact as they enter the workforce, and enhance Mount Royal University's Bissett School of Business degree programs.

The province recently approved Mount Royal's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in finance, a BBA with a major in international business and a BBA with a major in supply chain management. The General Faculties Council approved these new majors unanimously on May 16.

"This is a monumental point in our development," says Elizabeth Evans, PhD, dean of MRU's Bissett School of Business, adding that a Bachelor of Business Administration ― Finance is seen as the backbone of a strong business school. "It is a solidification of what business schools stand for."

The additions bring the number of MRU degree majors to 36, a significant step toward the goal of 50 majors by 2025. Existing majors in the BBA include accounting, general management, human resources and marketing.

Current eligible BBA students can, starting July 1, choose to declare the new majors, better recognizing their specialized knowledge and career preparedness in these areas.

"Having a major will show employers there was a tremendous amount of hard work put into understanding some incredibly difficult concepts," says Gurdit Khatra, a student at Mount Royal already working in corporate banking who will walk the stage with a BBA with a major in finance in spring 2020. "It will not only demonstrate students' technical and quantitative understanding of complex concepts, but also the qualitative and soft skills like work ethic, determination, time management, perseverance, teamwork and sacrifice that were developed while obtaining their degree."

As the Bissett School of Business had previously offered course concentrations in financial analysis, financial services, international business and supply chain management, students may now be eligible to declare their majors and graduate as early as fall 2019. However, it is likely the first cohorts with the new majors will be part of Spring Convocation 2020.

Allana White is working on a BBA and will be able to graduate with a finance major. As she plans for a career in wealth management, she says it is the name of the degree itself that will be of most benefit.

"Holding a BBA with a finance major will be widely and easily understood by potential employers."

A more formal launch of these three new majors is planned for the fall when the first students are welcomed into the programs. For their work in laying the groundwork and getting the majors approved, Evans thanked faculty and staff.

"This achievement came about with hard work from every corner and department of the Bissett School of Business, and from the provost and registrar's offices," she said.

Student Jennifer Harvey will be graduating in the fall with a BBA and is excited to enter the workforce. With her concentration in supply chain management, she applauds the change and sees the benefits for future cohorts.

"I'm currently an intern at a warehouse and I see evidence that we need people who are trained in supply chain management," Harvey says. "The industry has many moving parts and needs graduates who can move up and be leaders. Students coming out of supply chain management will have the knowledge that is required to evolve with the emerging technologies that are required in this industry. These graduates will be able to improve efficiencies and reduce costs."

The three new majors are:


Students will gain a solid foundation in analytical finance through a combination of theory and application. The finance major allows students to select from one of two concentrations within the program -financial analysis or financial services.

The concentration in financial analysis is designed to provide graduates with a comprehensive grounding in analytical finance through a combination of theory and application using analytical tools such as advanced modelling and financial data management systems. The concentration in financial services, meanwhile, is designed to provide graduates with a thorough education in both the principles and practices of financial services supplemented with a broad knowledge of the general principles of investments and the corporate finance function.

International Business

This major will enable grads to put their business skills to work anywhere in the world. Through a combination of theory and application students will gain an in-depth knowledge of global trade, cross-cultural management, international supply chain management, international marketing, finance, trade management and foreign market entry strategies.

Supply Chain Management

Grads with this major will be better positioned to stay ahead of trends in globalization, international trade and the growing need for businesses to develop more efficient and effective distribution processes to bring resources to market from raw materials to the consumer. Students selecting the supply chain management major will develop a comprehensive understanding of production planning, logistics management, purchasing, inventory management, material handling, transportation, enterprise resource planning, and global logistics.


Get more information here on the new Finance, International Business and Supply Chain Management majors.


June 24, 2019 — Peter Glenn

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