Mount Royal University supports national partnership on reducing binge drinking, alcohol-related harms on campuses

Mount Royal University is joining forces with post-secondary institutions across Canada to take a comprehensive look at the issue of excessive drinking on campuses.

Today, Mount Royal officially partnered with peer institutions, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction and Universities Canada on an initiative called the Postsecondary Education Partnership - Alcohol Harms (PEP-AH).



"Alcohol-related harms remain a serious public health issue with considerable impact on students," said Rachelle McGrath, Healthy Campus Team Lead within Wellness Services at Mount Royal. "This new national partnership harnesses the considerable efforts being made to reduce alcohol-related harms.

"Mount Royal University is pleased to partner with organizations in leading this important national conversation."

Members, including Mount Royal, are collaborating to work on five strategic areas, recommended initiatives and evaluation indicators that provide a comprehensive approach to alcohol-related harms. Being a part of PEP-AH also creates opportunities to connect with other post-secondary institutions to share knowledge, expertise and promising practices.

According to Mount Royal's survey results from the latest (2016) National College Health Assessment:

  • There appears to be a discrepancy between actual alcohol use and perceived alcohol use among students - as 74.2 per cent of students reported any alcohol use within the 30-day period before the survey, but students perceived that 96 per cent of their peers had consumed alcohol within the previous 30-day period.
  • 38.7 per cent of students who completed the survey reported consuming five or more drinks in a sitting within the last two weeks (considered binge drinking).
  • 98.6 per cent of students who completed the survey reported using one or more safer drinking behaviours such as using a designated driver, eating before and/or during drinking, avoiding drinking games.

Mount Royal has identified reducing alcohol harms on campus as an area in which campus collaborations between the Students' Association of Mount Royal University, Residence Services and Wellness Services continue to be of benefit.

June 14, 2017 Bryan Weismiller

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