Campus Development Committee

The purpose of the Campus Development Committee is to assist the Board of Governors to provide oversight of the University's buildings, facilities and infrastructure to meet the educational, environmental, social, cultural and economic needs of the University. The Committee will do so by monitoring, evaluating and recommending to the Board of Governors significant priority facility and infrastructure matters of the University, including principles, planning and policies, in accordance with, provincial legislation, the University's mandate, strategic vision and relevant policies and procedures.

Campus Development Committee Terms of Reference

David Routledge, Chair Board Member - Public Voting
Sherri Evers Board Member - Public Voting
Brenden Hunter Board Member - Public Voting
Pamela Karlenzig Board Member - Non Academic Staff Voting
Chris Lee Board Chair Voting
Jacqueline Musabende Board Member - Academic Staff Voting
Tim Rahilly Board Member - President Voting
Anisa Tilston Board Member - Student Member Voting