All students in Mount Royal's new baccalaureate degree programs are required to take courses from the General Education offerings. This part of your degree is designed to give you a breadth of knowledge that complements your major area of study. General Education is also designed to give you choice - you can explore a wide range of new subjects, or if you wish, you can choose to 'go deep' in an area of interest.

For most degrees you are required to take 10 General Education courses. Some degrees, such as the Bachelor of Nursing, have different general education requirements. Students should check the Calendar and speak with their program advisors for complete details of their particular General Education requirements.

Variety of choices

General education courses are organized into four thematic clusters - Numeracy & Scientific Literacy; Values, Beliefs & Identity; Community & Society; and Communication. You will be able to explore subjects in each of these areas at three different tiers.

  • Foundation Tier Study - Choose one foundation course from each of the clusters. The Numeracy & Scientific Literacy and Communication courses are taken within your first 10 courses at Mount Royal. The Values, Beliefs & Identity and Community & Society courses are taken within your first 20 courses. Total of four courses.
  • Second Tier Study - Variety is key at the second tier - choose three courses from three different clusters. One course must be selected from the Numeracy & Scientific cluster. Total of three courses.
  • Third Tier Study - Now that you have been introduced to an array of subjects, you have the option of narrowing your focus of interest - choose three Gen Ed courses at this level from at least two clusters. Total of three courses.

In total, students registered in baccalaureate programs at Mount Royal are normally required to take 10 General Education courses as part of their degree. Transfer credit is available for students with university-transferable prior post-secondary coursework.

General Education Courses

The courses listed below will satisfy General Education requirements in the cluster and tier that is indicated. Since additional courses may be added before the start of Fall and Winter semester registration, students are advised to check with an advisor before registering in classes.

Cluster 1 - Numeracy and Scientific Literacy

Cluster 2 - Values, Beliefs and Identity

Cluster 3 - Community and Society

Cluster 4 - Communication