Who is my Advisor?

Who is my advisor?

All students at Mount Royal University have access to Academic Advising.  Below is a list of program advising contacts. 

For students in Open Studies and University Entrance Option your advising contact is Academic Advising Services. We also advise all MRU students who want to move from one program into another. To make an appointment with an advisor from Academic Advising Services, please call 403.440.6222.            

New students to the Faculty of Arts can find assistance on the Arts Academic Advising webpage. 
Advising questions can be directed to artsadvising@mtroyal.ca or 403-440-8585 or students may contact their major/program advising listed below beginning in their first September through to convocation.

Program Advisor Email
Bachelor of Arts (new students) Rachel Doe artsadvising@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Interior Design Rachel Doe
Paula Dozois


Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice Leann Acheson lacheson@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology Julie-Anne White anthadvising@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Arts: English Sharon Smulders
(students' surname A-N)
Kenna Olsen
(students' surname O-Z)
Cliff Werier
(English Honours majors)




Bachelor of Arts: History David Clemis dclemis@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Arts: Policy Studies Lori Williams lwilliams@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Arts: Psychology Naomi Grant
(students' surname A-Lh)
Cass Foursha-Stevenson
(students' surname Li-Z)



Bachelor of Arts: Sociology Julie-Anne White  slgyadvising@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Arts: Spanish Maria Teresa Grillo Arbulu mgrilloarbulu@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Arts: Undeclared Rachel Doe artsadvising@mtroyal.ca

Bissett School of Business students can find assistance on the Bissett School of Business Advising webpage. Major/concentration planning pages are available here.


Program Advisor Email
Bachelor of Business Administration and Certificates Carmen O'Callaghan
Heather Ansari
Aviation Diploma Deanna Wiebe dwiebe@mtroyal.ca

 Communication Studies students can find more advising resources and contact information on the COMM Advising web page.


Bachelor of Communication: Broadcast Media StudiesAlyssa Ficacciocommadvising@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Communication: Information DesignAlyssa Ficacciocommadvising@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Communication: JournalismAlyssa Ficacciocommadvising@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Communication: Public RelationsAlyssa Ficacciocommadvising@mtroyal.ca




Bachelor of Child Studies: Child and Youth Care Counsellor, Early Learning and Child Care Angie Smith asmith@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Education - Elementary Bri Harvie bharvie@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Health and Physical Education: Athletic Therapy, Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, Physical Literacy, Sport and Recreation Management Lindsey Wynder physedinfo@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Midwifery Elizabeth MacKinnon emackinnon@mtroyal.ca
Bachelor of Nursing Bonnie Mui
Yan Zhang
Bridge to Canadian Nursing Leslie Runciman lruncimansmith@mtroyal.ca
Diploma: Social Work Gina Adams gadams@mtroyal.ca
Certificate: ACCN - Critical Care Amy Yeung accn@mtroyal.ca
Certificate: ACCN - Emergency Amy Yeung accn@mtroyal.ca
Certificate: Athletic Therapy Lindsey Wynder athletic.therapy@mtroyal.ca
Program Advisor Email
Bachelor of Science – All majors Chelsey Schafer
(students' surname A-L)
Cheryl Melatdoost
(students' surname M-Z)
Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Mingwei Gong mgong@mtroyal.ca
University Transfer: Bachelor of Science - Computer Science Paul Pospisil ppospisil@mtroyal.ca
Certificate: Environmental Science Gwen O'Sullivan gosullivan@mtroyal.ca
Program Advisor Email
Open Studies Emilie Ahrens, Janis Foster,
Sarah Hamilton, Rea Sauter
University Entrance Option Emilie Ahrens, Janis Foster,
Sarah Hamilton, Rea Sauter
Switching to another program at Mount Royal Emilie Ahrens, Janis Foster,
Sarah Hamilton, Rea Sauter
Program Advisor Email
Massage Therapy Sheena Sproule massage@mtroyal.ca
Personal Fitness Trainer Sheena Sproule pft@mtroyal.ca
Funeral Service Sheena Sproule fde@mtroyal.ca