GNED 3201-001 - The World in a Thousand Pages - MW 9am – 11:50am

GNED 3402-001 – Literacy Orality Communication – TR 9am – 11:50am (Online)

 Capacity: 30 students

 Instructors: Dr. Cynthia Gallop and Dr. Lee Easton

 Theme: Intersections of Creativity, Communication, and Culture


This Learning Community consists of two courses (6 credits): GNED 3201 – The World in a Thousand Pages and GNED3402 – Literacy, Orality, Communication

We live in a world that wants everyone to be creative, inventive and innovative. But, how do we recognize something that is “creative"? What counts as creative or innovative? And, more importantly, how does available communication technology such as storytelling, printed books, or TikTok videos shape our creativity and identities? This GNED learning community comprised of GNED 3201- The World in a Thousand Pages and GNED 3402 - Creativity, Orality, Literacy and Communication is focussed on exploring creative expression in oral, literate and digital worlds. Taking a set of seminal texts understood to be works of art, and bodies of thought that are of historical significance in the development of Western and non-Western cultures, we will examine how diverse artists creatively engage and challenge their culture as they seek to express their artistic vision and identity. Through interactive lectures, experiential learning activities, written assignments, and presentations, students will explore different theoretical perspectives on how particular media cultures enable artists to creatively push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable. Students will also explore their own understanding of how technology mediates their creativity, identity, and culture. To experience how different media cultures shape our creativity, these courses will be delivered in both in-person and online formats.