(a poem of welcome)

At MRU we are here for you

and we mean it, truly

we are so much more

than halls and walls,

we are your launching pad

your home of heart and mind

your place to find

all the fiery questions

all the precise answers

and the brave new

solutions they crave

Small class sizes, passionate professors and future-focused programs allow your MRU experience to be as original as you.

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At MRU you will find

a place for yourself

in the world and ways to

reshape it too

so you can be the change

you want to see

On our shield you’ll find

the dove of peace

the grace and power of the cougar

and the strength and resolve

of the mighty bighorn

At MRU we are so much more than halls and walls

we are your professors your peers, your community

we make time for that extra cup of tea

and cheer for you

as you crack that book or you write your own

as you work, play, create and innovate

let us be your launching pad,

your open window, your door to the future

your place of wonder

your home of heart and mind

at MRU we are here

to help you discover the world, your part in it

and what you will become

Mount Royal provides international students with a welcoming, inclusive environment to start university study in Canada.

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