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Nikita Kahpeaysewat
Bachelor of Science — Environmental Science


Oki, Amba'wastitch, Danit'ada, Tansi

Your Mount Royal University experience will be as original as you are. Mount Royal offers unique programs for Indigenous students, cultural experiences and an education that prepares you for your future career or graduate studies.

The work of indigenization and decolonization at Mount Royal bears importance for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students across campus. We continue to build a respectful and inclusive learning environment, with support services and resources, that fosters a sense of belonging among Indigenous students.

Earn your bachelor’s degree at Mount Royal University and you’ll see why we say You Belong Here.

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A groups of students listening to an Indigenous student give a presentation

Indigenous University Bridging Program

The Indigenous University Bridging Program is a university preparation program for students of Indigenous ancestry. The program is designed to meet the needs of Indigenous students who are preparing to pursue post-secondary education.

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Medicine Trail Program, Naato'ohsokoy

The Medicine Trail Program provides cultural support to students, faculty and staff at Mount Royal. There are spaces and resources to smudge every morning in the Centre, which also hosts ceremonies throughout the year. Take part in group cultural teachings or spend time with our coordinator, who is here to support and guide you. The coordinator can also connect your professors with wisdom keepers and elders.

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Indigenous Housing Program

Join a supportive community of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students while you live on campus. There are single, family and accessible units at affordable rates. All students in the program gather for monthly social events.

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Two Indigenous students stretching in Mount Royal's recreation centre.

BMO Peer Mentorship Program

Through the sharing of cultural traditions and values, the BMO Indigenous Peer Mentorship Program provides peer-to-peer mentorship experiences for Indigenous students at Mount Royal University. Recognizing the importance of supporting students as they transition into university, this program empowers both the mentor and mentee to establish relationships and hone their academic skills through education, culture, community and wellness.

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Student Success Program

The student success coordinator mentors Indigenous students to help you achieve your goals. Resources — academic support, peer mentorship, counselling services, financial information, instructor office hours, workshops, tutorials and more — are available to you.

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Indigenous academic opportunities

Two Indigenous students giving a presentation in Visualization Classroom

Indigenous Studies minor

Learn about the cultures and histories of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and around the world through the Indigenous Studies minor. From Indigenous nationhood to the arrival of settler societies and more recent efforts towards decolonization, these Indigenous Studies courses will explore Indigenous ways of knowing, and examine events, past and present, from Indigenous perspectives.

Transition Year and Dual Credit Program

Among the strategies we are undertaking to reach Goal 5 of Mount Royal's Indigenous Strategic Plan, the University is working to create new pathways to Mount Royal post-secondary education programs for Indigenous students seeking admission. This includes developing an Indigenous Transition Year (first-year university-level coursework) that will lead to Mount Royal degrees and launching dual credit initiatives with Indigenous high school students to provide learners with advanced credit and build confidence for university study.

Initial research and planning is underway.

Indigenous field schools

One strategy under Goal 5 of Mount Royal's Indigenous Strategic Plan is to 'increase the number and diversity of Indigenous field schools, including field schools for faculty and administrators as a form of professional development'. Learning in place, from the communities on whose lands we live, is a critical part of academic indigenization. Place-based learning opportunities allow learners to engage with community Elders, local scholars and knowledge keepers, and to participate in service-learning that can benefit the communities from whom they learn.

Mount Royal currently offers four field school opportunities:

  • Treaty 7 Field Course
  • Environmental Reconciliation and Indigenous Studies Field Course
  • Indigenous Hawai'i Field School
  • Nursing Indigenous Hawai'i Field School
Headshot of Melanie Parsons

Indigenous Recruitment Officer

Melanie Parsons
p. 403.440.6229

Mount Royal University is quickly adapting to changing directives from Alberta Health Services to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Effective immediately, Melanie Parsons will no longer attend face-to-face visits to schools. To book a phone conversation, email

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