Bring your whole self to university

Nikita Kahpeaysewat
Bachelor of Science — Environmental Science

STEP 1: Choose your program

STEP 2: Learn about admission requirements

STEP 3: Apply for student Residence

STEP 4: Apply for scholarships and bursaries

Estimated student expenses for an academic year (8 months) 1

Tuition/fees (based on 10 courses) $7,500
Books and supplies $1,500
Residence/rent 2 $6,110 – $8,656
Living expenses and spending money $4,700
Transportation Calgary Transit U-Pass included in fees
Total for students $19,810 – $22,356

1 Based on 2021/22 fees. Additional fees may apply for specific programs.

2 Based on 2021/22 Residence fees. Not including Indigenous Housing Program bursary. Cost can vary based on circumstance, from living at home to shared accommodation with multiple roommates to independent apartment living.

STEP 5: Get ready to come to Mount Royal

STEP 6: Connect with the MRU Indigenous community

Mount Royal provides high-quality undergraduate education. Our exclusive offering of bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates provides Indigenous students with a focused environment to start university study.

We are here for your success and provide you with a variety of supports to help you make the most of your education:

Questions about studying at Mount Royal?

Speak with our Indigenous admissions and recruitment specialist for help with the application process.