Admission Requirements

Group A, B and C Courses for Admission

If you have attended high school in Canada, but not Alberta, check out the list of equivalent Group A and B courses for your province or territory.

Group A Group B (5 credits)* Group C
English Language Arts 30-1
Mathematics 30-1 (or Mathematics 30-2 if accepted by the program)
Mathematics 31
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
Physics 30
Science 30
Social Studies 30-1
Aboriginal Studies 30*
French 30, 31, French Language Arts 30, Francais 30
All other languages 30
Art 30 or 31
Computer Science 3 or 4 (CTS Advanced)
Drama 30
Music 30 (choral, instrumental, general)
Physical Education 30
Religious Studies 35
Social Studies 30-2

Other 5-credit Grade 12 subjects
a combination of two 3-credit Grade 12 subjects
5 credits of advanced career and technology courses

Note - Special Projects cannot be used for admission


You cannot use two courses from the same subject area for the purpose of admission, with the exception of Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2 and Mathematics 31.

* Some of these courses can be taken as 3 - 5 credits - they can only be used if they are 5 credits.