REMINDER: Vaccine verification is required

Sent on behalf of Annalise Van Ham, Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Thursday, October 7 at noon

This email is a reminder  of important vaccination verification and rapid testing deadlines. Failure to comply with these requirements has serious consequences.

If you are partially or fully vaccinated, you must upload your proof of vaccination using the MRU Now app immediately. While the majority of employees* have done so, those who have not uploaded their proof to the app are now in violation of the provincial government’s proof of vaccination requirements. Read more about using this app.

Note: If you had previously attested that you were vaccinated using the form on myMRU, but have not yet used the app to demonstrate proof, you have not completed the process of vaccine verification. Use of the MRU Now app is required for verification.

Vaccine verification points across campus are checking vaccination status. You will lose access to campus if you do not  provide a QR code using the app to prove you are vaccinated.

If you still require your second dose, you must receive it by Oct. 18. In accordance with public health orders, MRU requires all employees, students and visitors to campus to be immunized no later than Nov. 1, 2021. This means you must have received a second dose of a World Health Organization (WHO)-approved COVID-19 vaccine, plus two weeks, to be considered immunized.

If you are participating in the rapid testing program, get vaccinated. Starting Nov. 1, testing kits will be offered at the employee’s cost. MRU’s rapid testing program ends Jan.1, 2022.

More than 14,000 members of our community have submitted proof of vaccination.I am thankful that the overwhelming majority of our community is vaccinated and have completed the process of vaccine verification. Students are also receiving individual follow-up messages to provide ample and consistent reminders of upcoming deadlines and compliance requirements.

*Employees who are unable to be vaccinated due to a medical exemption must submit a workplace accommodation request form and provide supporting medical documentation to Wellness at Work. Those with approved exemptions are required to participate in the rapid testing program and will continue to access free rapid testing kits from MRU.