Guide to Quality Care

12 Tips for Choosing Quality Child Care 


We know it’s hard to find quality childcare, so we’ve gathered our expertise to offer this guide to help you 


Here are the top 12 tips when visiting a prospective daycare centre: 

  1. Ask if the centre Licensed and or Accredited? If not, why not?
  2. Ask if the staff have training in Early Childhood Development? What level of training do they have?
    • Level 1 / Child Development Assistant indicates they have taken a 50 hour course
    • Level 2  / Child Development Worker indicates they have a Certificate in Early Childhood
    • Level 3 / Child Development Supervisor indicates they have a minimum two-year Diploma or a four-year Degree in Early Childhood Development
    • Exemptions may be granted by the Government of Alberta for said classifications, please refer to
  3. Observe if the toys are developmentally appropriate for the children using the classroom and easily accessible to them?
  4. Ask what kinds of meals/snacks does the centre serve? Are meals and snacks nutritious and appealing? Are food allergies/sensitivities accommodated?
  5. Observe if the atmosphere is friendly, stimulating, and inviting for the child. Do you as a parent feel welcomed?
  6. Check if the rooms and play areas are clean. Observe if the staff are actively engaged in respectful conversations and activities with the children.
  7. Observe if play is initiated by the children.
  8. Ask to see the planning, does it look like a day your child would enjoy?
  9. Observe if the children are directed in a positive manner, or do they hear “no” a lot?
  10. Read the most recent licensing inspection report (should be posted in a visible location) and see if any violations are noted, also check online at
  11. Read the most recent health inspection report (should be posted in a visible location) and see if there are any health or safety infractions noted, also check online at
  12. Ask how long the staff members have been there