Enabling MFA for your MRU email account

When you enable MFA for your Mount Royal email address, you are also protecting your other Google services such as Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Docs. 

How to enable MFA for your MRU email  

1. Determine what you will use as your second login factor. You can use one of the following :

2. Determine what you will use as your backup login factor. We suggest using the following:

  • Print off backup codes - Store them securely in your wallet or locked desk drawer.
  • Text messages sent to an alernative phone number - Don't use the same phone that you use for your second login factor.

3. Login to your computer and set up MFA . The following quick reference guides cover the basics of setting up MFA. You must be logged into your Mount Royal email address to access these documents. 

For more information on other MFA methods, visit the Google help site.


Please note

If you are locked out of your MRU email account because you have not enabled MFA, there is no way to enable MFA and regain access. You will have to contact the IT Service Desk to have your account unlocked.