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Working Off-Campus

Secure Remote Access Service (SRAS)

The Secure Remote Access Service or SRAS, allows employees, students and vendors to access our network. It allows you to download files, upload files and work directly on your workstation in a safe environment. Before this service is accessed, all users are are asked to read and follow the guidelines for working from home safely.

Working from home 

Types of access

What you can do on SRAS varies depending on your access. By default everyone can access their folders on the server and upload and download files. Additional access must be requested from the IT Service Desk. There are three different types. 

  1. Access to internal web pages or intranet
  2. Direct access to your workstation 
  3. Direct access to your workstation through a VPN  
Do you need VPN access?

The majority of people do not. They are able to access their workstations without a VPN connection and do all the work that is required without it. This is the preferred method of connection as it uses less resources. However, if you are using a machine with a MacOS, have an application with a web component or other special requirements then you will need VPN access. When you request remote access to your workstation, please include what applications you want to use and what functionality you need. This will help us determine if you need a VPN or not. 

To login to SRAS:
  1. Open a web browser. Chrome and Firefox are examples of web browsers.
  2. Enter in the address bar of the browser. The SRAS login page appears.
  3. Enter the username and password that you use to login to your workstation.
  4. Presss Enter on the keyboard..SRAS loads the components that it needs to work. Be patient.

For more details on using SRAS, refer to the SRAS User Guides.

Travel within Canada

Traveling with your mobile device? Here are some things you need to be aware of. Inside Canada costs are not accrued for roaming charges when making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages or email.

Travel outside Canada

Expensive roaming charges can occur when traveling outside of Canada with a mobile device. The best way to avoid these is to turn off your data service while traveling, and only use your phone in case of emergency or as an emergency contact. Turning off the data service does not affect phone usage. Please navigate to Bell Canada to view current roaming charges. 

For inquiries please contact the IT Service Desk at 403.440.6000 or

Updated Mar 31, 2020