Wireless Printing

To access wireless printing at Mount Royal follow these steps:

1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to webprint.mtroyal.ca, or click the button below:

2. From the opening window click PRINT.


Note: This website is only available on campus.

3. Next, log in using your MyMRU username and password.



  • All printer queues, except the Riddell Library (RLLC) Cash-Colour and Cash-BW queues will use your Pcounter printing account.
  • Print jobs sent to the Riddell Library (RLLC) Cash-BW and Cash-Colour queues will only be held for 4 hours.

4. Select your department name and the desired printer.



  • The MRU Campus print queue allows students to use their OneCard to swipe and release on any student printer.
  • Communication Studies card access is the secured O wing area, O211A.
  • Staff and Faculty (Card Scan) is the Lexmark Printing solution.
  • Interior Design (Restricted) options are R300C and R300N.
  • The Trico Changemakers queue is for that area only.

5. Click Choose File to select the document you want to submit for printing. All typical file formats are supported. If you need to confirm see the documentation here.

  • Web Page: If you are printing from a web page, type or copy the URL link into the Web Page text field (e.g. http://www.mtroyal.ca).
  • Copies: The default setting is 1 copy. If you need more copies, enter the appropriate number up to a maximum of 10.
  • Page Range: Enter a range in the format (x-y). E.g. 3-3 or 5-8.
  • Click Continue.



6. Set the layout options for the print job.



  • All printers will have Letter - Letter - 8 1/2 x 11 in option. This is the default setting.
  • Tabloid or 11 x 17 in printing is NOT available.


Options are:

  • Double Sided (long) is the default setting. This is the typical duplex setting on the printers that have this feature available.
  • Double Sided (short) will flip on the short/ top edge of the paper.
  • Single Sided.


Options are:

  • As Saved - Orientation is as found on the saved document. This the default setting.
  • Portrait - Long edge of the paper will be on the left side.
  • Landscape - Long edge of the paper will be on the top side.
  • Best Fit - Shrinks graphic images if larger than the page.
  • PowerPoint users - Currently there is NO OPTION to print multiple slides on 1 page.

Once finished click CONTINUE.

7. The screen capture below shows the progress of the print job submission. The time range for a print job is between 5 and 30 seconds.


8. You will then be notified of: the printer, document name, and the number of pages to be printed. If correct click the Submit Job To Printer link. Otherwise click the Cancel link.

The following window will appear when the job is completed.



Job User ID

Jobs submitted to the cash stations will be displayed using the users login name, not the name of the station the job was submitted from.


The price calculator for WebPrint has been turned off so the student will not receive incorrect pricing calculations. The Pcounter billing will still happen and the students will be billed as per normal.

Cash printing holds

The cash printing holds have been changed to 4 hours for the WebPrinting queues.

How to print multiple pages

See the work around listed below until this feature becomes available.
Note: This a generalized process. It may change depending on the software product you use.


1. Download a PDF creator software product. Examples are PDFCreator, Foxit PDF
Creator, CutePDF, or Nitro PDF.
2. Install the software.
3. Open the document in the appropriate program.
4. Select Print.
5. Set the multi-page print options.
6. Change the printer to the PDF creation program you installed.
7. Click OK.
8. The PDF software will then ask you to name the document and choose a save location.
9. Navigate to webprint.mtroyal.ca and follow the instructions above.

Known problems

  • PDF documents embedded in a web browser may or may not work - ITS recommends saving the document to the desktop and printing the PDF directly.
  • Web pages that use a link generated by a search or require a log-in will not work - ITS recommends saving the document as a HTML file before printing it.
  • Pages print as set-up in the document - ITS recommends for:
    PowerPoint (Impress, or other equivalents) print one slide per page.
    Excel (and equivalent spreadsheets) do not allow for fine tuning during the print process. The document must be saved with the print area/page breaks already set.