Environmental Health & Safety

Incident Management

Incident management at Mount Royal University is made up of a number of components that tie together to prevent workplace incidents from occurring. Incidents are managed through hazard assessments, safety training, workplace inspections, and community engagement. 

If a workplace incident or injury occurs and you are directly involved or witness an incident, you have a responsibility to report. 

Incident reporting is an important safety management tool used at Mount Royal University because it lets us know what is happening around campus and where it is happening. By reporting an incident, you are contributing to the health and safety of our community at MRU by prompting our EH&S department to take action.  

The best advice when it comes to reporting is always trust your instincts. If you question whether or not to report an incident, chances are you should.

For more information on what to report and how, please see our Intelex incident reporting manual or contact EH&S.


**For any life threatening incidents, please call 9-1-1. Then notify Security Services, 403.440.5900

To report a non-life threatening workplace injury - Intelex injury report.

To report non-injury workplace incident (i.e property damage, environmental spill, near miss) - workplace incident report form.

To report an environmental release (i.e. chemical spill, smell in buildings) - please contact Security Services - 403.440.5900


1. Notify your supervisor/manager of the incident.
2. Ensure all additional paperwork has been filled out and submitted (i.e WCB employer's report, WCB worker's report, Intelex incident report, etc), if required.
3. Assist EH&S with incident investigation, if required.

 Questions about incident management? Ask EH&S!