Rates & Fees

Winter holiday closure

Residence is closed during the annual Winter Holiday. The closure begins on Christmas Eve or the Friday prior, if Christmas Eve falls on a weekend, until the first business day in the New Year. Residence fees do not cover the closure period.

The cost to apply and stay is $50.00 for the duration of the Winter Holiday.

Unauthorized Stays

If you stay in your unit and fail to fill out the holiday closure form, you will be charged the nightly hotel rate from the first day of the Holiday Closure until Residence opens again in the New Year, regardless of how many days you actually spent in your unit. We don't like to make this charge, please let us know if your staying.

Staying during Winter Holiday closure

To stay in Residence for all or part of the Winter Holiday closure, you must complete the application form through the Residence Portal. Information will be sent out to all Student Residents prior to the Winter Holiday closure application openning date.

You can stay in Residence during the Winter Holiday closure only if you are returning to residence in January. Fall only student residents must move out before the Winter Holiday closure begins.

It is very important that students inform Residence Services if they are planning to stay for any duration of the break as we check all unoccupied units several times to ensure we are compliant with our insurance.

If you are moving out at the end of the Fall semester, please see our check-out procedures.

No Mail or Parcel Service

There will be no Mail or Parcel Service during the Winter Holiday closure period. Mail and Parcel service will resume on the first business day of the New Year.

Leaving for Winter Holiday closure

As you leave for the winter holiday closure, please be sure to:

  • Turn off all your lights
  • Close all windows and lock all doors
  • Throw away all garbage
  • Empty all recycling bins
  • Remove perishable food (Fruit flies are not your friend)
  • Ensure your thermostat is set to at least 16° Celsius