Moving Out

Moving out

Whether you are vacating Residence mid-term or at the end of your contract, you must follow proper check-out procedure:

  1. Clean your unit and remove all personal items. The best practice is to leave your unit in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Use our checklist to make sure you cover everything.
  2. Lock your bedroom and unit doors, then return your keys to the Residence Front Desk in West Residence Building B. This ensures you will not be charged for missing keys.

Before your security deposit is released, Residence Services will inspect your unit for damage and cleaning concerns. Notice of any charges will be sent to the email address on file.

Note: If you don't check out properly and turn in your keys, you will be charged $50 for improperly checking out, $25 for your black unit/bedroom key and $25 for your mailbox key, as well as any additional Residence fees and damage costs.

Stay with us year-round

Did you know that Residence is open during the Spring and Summer terms? In May through to August, current residents, as well as new residents registered in Spring/Summer courses, can live in Residence! Learn more here.

Moving out at the end of the term

You must vacate Residence and follow check out procedures 24 hours after your last exam or noon of the last day of your contract, whichever comes first. If you are flying home, you must ensure that your departure meets the move-out date for Residence as you will not be allowed to stay in Residence after the move-out date. You may apply here for a contract extension in extenuating circumstances.

Please note that you are financially responsible for residence fees, as per the Accommodation Agreement, until the end of your contract. Review our cancellation policy for more information.


Each April, donation bins for non-perishable food and clean clothing are placed on the ground floor of each building in West Residence and in the East Community Centre.
Discuss the condition of the unit with your roommates. If something has been damaged in the common areas and responsibility for the damage lies with a specific resident, you must inform a Residence staff member beforehand to confirm with that student. Otherwise, damage charges will be divided equally among all the residents in the unit.

Split up the common areas and decide ahead of time who will be responsible for each area. Work together to make a consistency contract that outlines expectations.

If your roommates still aren't cleaning, talk to them! Most people are open to receiving feedback - be sure to remain polite and constructive. If this doesn't work, your RA can help. They are trained to mediate and help solve conflicts like this.

Do your fair share of cleaning in the common areas, then take pictures before you move out and send them to us at That way, we have evidence of your cleaning and how the unit was left upon your departure. If this is not done, we usually split cleaning fees between roommates.

If you didn't take pictures, you can still send us an email. We will address concerns with the messy roommate and decide if the charges should be split or not.

For more detailed information on cleanliness expectations and and how to avoid charges, see our cleaning checklist and move-out condition information sheet. If you have any further questions regarding cleaning, damages or expected move-out date, please speak to your RA. They can help ensure that you and your space are ready for a proper move-out.

Moving out during the term

Room changes are available after the first month of each term. You will still have to follow the check-out procedure for your old room. See requesting a room change for more information.

Any termination by the resident, including withdrawal from Mount Royal University, is subject to the $400 cancellation fee and 30 days notice. Any such termination will be approved if the resident completes and submits a request to withdraw from Residence form found in the Residence Portal under forms.

If you have signed an Academic Year contract, and do not wish to return for the upcoming Winter term, you need to submit your completed request to withdraw from Residence form no later than December 1 to meet the 30 days notice. The form can be found in the Residnece Portal under forms. As per our cancellation policy, this termination will be subject to the $400 cancellation fee.

Getting your security deposit back

Please note that security deposits are carried forward if you have applied to live in Residence for an upcoming term.

Maintenance staff will assess your bedroom and unit's common areas to determine if there are to be any cleaning or damage charges. If charges are assessed, you will be emailed a notice within three weeks of check-out. Appeals of damage assessments must be submitted in writing to Residence Services within three business days of the resident receiving notice of the charges.

Costs for damages to common areas will be split evenly among all roommates, unless the party or parties responsible have been previously identified. There is a minimum charge of $50 per person for any cleaning or damage assessed to the unit.

For more detailed information on cleanliness expectations and and how to avoid charges, see our cleaning checklist and move-out condition information sheet.

Once the security deposit is released, the Financial Services department will refund any credit balance on your student account. The refund is usually via the method you paid your deposit. If you would like your refund to be a direct deposit to your bank account, you can enter your banking information through MyMRU. Ensure your mailing address is up to date to avoid any delays in returning your funds. You can also update your mailing address through MyMRU. This whole process takes around six weeks from your check-out date.


For questions regarding dates, keys, fees or security deposits, please contact the Front Desk at

For questions regarding roommates, cleaning or damages, please contact the Residence Life Coordinators at