Breathing Room Half Header

Feeling stuck? Need a jump start? Try a breath of fresh ideas. BreathingRoom™ is a free online resiliency tool for students.

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Student Health 101 Half Header

A free monthly e-magazine offering wellness tips for student life, including managing stress, eating healthy, working out and more.

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A toolkit highlighting 11 exemplary mental health case studies from post-secondary institutions across Alberta

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Blackboard Mental Health Module

Not like any other ordinary module! Mental health information right in your dashboard.

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MRU Library Guide to Wellness

Wellness Library Guide

Browse wellness resources in the Mount Royal Library.

Blogs & Writing

Wellness Blogs

Check out blogs written by MRU counsellors.

Video & Audio

Wellness Podcasts

Discover wellness tips from professionals and students like you!

I Need Help

Contact information for on- and off-campus support services. You are not alone.

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Helping Others

Advice for approaching a person in distress as well as services and resources you can refer them to.

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Health Topics

Wellness info and resources on the most important issues faced by MRU students today.

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Wellness Wheel

Many factors can influence your health and well-being. There are eight different interacting dimensions in wellness, and total well-being comes when there is balance across all of them.

SAMRU has put together an anonymous quiz that assesses your well-being in each dimension, offers tips for improvement and recommends awesome on-campus resources tailored to your needs.

Take the Wellness Wheel quiz now to check up on your wellness!