Ghada Alatrash, PhD


PhD (Educational Research:  Languages and Diversity) University of Calgary, Canada
MA (English Literature) University of Oklahoma, USA 
BA (Business and International Studies) Abilene Christian University, USA

Dr. Ghada Alatrash is currently teaching in the Departments of Humanities, Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST), and in the Department of General Education (GNED) at Mount Royal University.  In her WGST courses, she introduces students "to theoretical positions and issues in Women’s and Gender Studies and feminist analysis from an intersectional, transnational and post-colonial lens," and  she broadens this lens in her GNED courses "to engage post-colonial theory in the deconstruction of inequitable power relations used in the interest of a global culture anchored in the West."  As for her research interests, Alatrash's doctoral research speaks to the experience of the Syrian Diaspora in Canada and it was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship in Alberta (Canada), 2018.  Today she is looking at "understanding the refugee women’s experience of settlement and integration through a transnational feminist lens and to examine the role of gender in the integration and resettlement experiences of Syrian refugee women." She is also currently translating, from Arabic to English, an award-winning novel for author Najat Abdul Samad that speaks to the lived realities of Syrian women in Sweida, Syria, and "one that situates the Syrian woman both in historical and current local contexts."  In addition, she is the author of Stripped to the Bone:  Portraits of Syrian Women, a collection of stories that speaks to the complex lived realities of Syrian women both in a war-torn homeland and within the Syrian Diaspora, and was invited to speak on her short stories as a TEDx speaker.   She was the Liberal MP Candidate for Calgary Signal Hill in the recent Canadian Federal 2019 Federal Election.  She also  serves on the Diversity and Equity Committee at Mount Royal Faculty Association as well as on the Research and Policy Committee with Action Dignity.


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