Religious Studies

Religious Studies (RELS)

arts_rels_bannerphoto1Whether you are just curious about religions and want to know a little more, are looking for a Minor that will complement your declared major, or are thinking about going on to do graduate work or a professional degree, Religious Studies at Mount Royal can help you get where you're going. Religious Studies offers a wide range of courses, reflecting both the need-to-know aspects of the discipline and the rich diversity of faculty interests. Our program introduces students to the breadth of religious traditions, issues, and academic approaches that are essential for an informed understanding of the world's religions. Beyond introducing students to the history, texts, key beliefs and practices of the world's religions, our courses emphasize the contemporary, the local, and the lived dimensions of religion. In Religious Studies, religions are treated as part of human culture and as relevant to our world today, in private and public life, informing attitudes, ethics, media, geo-politics, etc.

No previous knowledge or experience of any religion is required. All Religious Studies courses carry GNED credit.